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    Word of the year - youthquake

    The Oxford dictionaries have declared 'youthquake ' as the word of the year. The word is described as "a significant cultural, political, or social change from the actions on influence of young people."
    The word is not new. It was formed by the Editor of vogue, Diana vreeland, who used to highlight changes in the fashion and music industries driven by young people,in the year 1965.
    Till yesterday I too was not aware of this particular word 'youthquake. Has any of the members heard this word before and what other words were shortlisted kindly put in your views.
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    Wow on the lines of earthquake, we are not going to use Youthquake in big way. Kudos to Oxford for recognising this new word which seems to be youth friendly.
    K Mohan
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    I came to know this ward tody only. I never knew this word. Youthquake, a very nicely coined word. It is really good to know that this word is coined in 1965. Like this, there are many words which we will never come across. Forget about English, even in our mother tongue also we will have many unknown words. By participating in word games and cross puzzles we can improve our vocabulary. Is the Oxford dictionary will declare every year one word as the word of the year. This is also a learning for me by reading this thread. It is very nice to know these pieces of information.
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    @ Youthquake is a new word for me to hear from you.
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    Although the word may not be new, but I have read this word for the first time in this post. However, the word is such that anybody can understand the meaning of this word by reading/hearing it.
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    I am also reading this word for the first time and found it really interesting. I haven't heard its usage but I am thinking to use it in my further communication related to massive changes lead by Youths of countries.
    Hope India too get a Youth-quake soon.

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    Wow, I am hearing this word for the first time and it sounds very interesting. The word itself depicts its meaning as vigorous energy in the youth of our country.
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    Malala Yousafzai, a 20 year old who was awarded the Nobel prize for peace, when great leaders of the world are fighting diplomatic battles with countless real casualties on the ground increasing steadily. Jacinda Ardern, Prime minster of new Zealand , at the age of 37, she is the youngest female PM in the world.

    These are fine examples of the quality, influence and potential of what the youth of today can have on the world as a whole. Thanks to the people behind the term and the title word of the year.

    I have to admit that this is the first time I'm hearing about youthquake. Looking back the timeline (1965) sounds right, since1970s there has been an explosion in the creative ideas and fresh talent in the field of music, clothing and fashion, sports.

    Now with the increasing opportunities for talented people and the availability of the social platform and the powerful internet, the audience is potentially endless. There are numerous videos of people who have changed the mindset of public in Africa ( against drugs, violence and corruption), people who have made a difference in entertainment industry including music (Justin Bebier etc). The youth is certainly a force to recon, we just need to channel them constructively.

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