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    What all things you recycled or reused recently?

    Have a valuable idea on how to reuse or recycle something in your home or at your workplace? Share them here.

    Once upon a time we were all using anything upto its last minute of life and utility. After the expected purpose use is over, it may be used for some other purpose. Thus the use and reuse will go on until they cannot be used further for anything. At that time either it is disposed for bio degradation or sends as waste and probably for recycling.

    Thus the text books used by the elder child will be passed on to the younger child, cousins or neighbours until the syllabus gets changed or the book becomes badly torn. Similarly dresses too change hands. Sarees, when start fading was used as bed sheets and when they torn used as drying cloth or door mats. Sometimes old sarees were exchanged for steel vessels with the hawkers. Metal vessels were sold for a price or exchanged. Naturally they get melted and used for recycling metal factories.

    Waste disposal has become a great problem now, especially the non-biodegradable wastes. In that context recycling and reuse are some solution.

    Yesterday I mended and put to reuse a broken plastic water mug just because of problems to dispose it. I took an empty toothpaste container (plastic), cut it suitably, and pasted it on the mug on the crack inside and outside, using a chemical adhesive. Nice, now I am able to re-use the water mug. My wife re-used the empty ice-cream containers as furniture bushes on the legs of an old teapoy .

    What are you stories of recycling or reuse recently?
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    Wow nice effort from the author. This is called Juggad in Hindi. That means getting adjusted with what we have and putting them to best use. You must be awarded for this great thinking.
    K Mohan
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    The toothbrushes that are used for our teeth cleaning after some time will become waste and cannot be used further. Those brushes sometimes I use for cleaning the dust in the joints of dressing table and wardrobes. Similarly, the plastic covers we get from shops to carry our purchases will be reused for giving to the guests who come to our house to carry the blouse piece or fruits that are being offered to them by us. The white papers which are used to take prints on one side will be reused to write on the other side.
    The clothes which are not used further for anybody will be cut into pieces and will be used for cleaning kitchen platforms and dining tables and other electronic gadgets in the house. It is a good practice to reuse the material which is not useful for its main purpose of using.

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    Reading Rao's above post, I can say that we use old toothbrushes for cleaning combs,corners, putting oil on hinges, cleaning the hidden wedges in water taps and other such difficult-to-reach edges.
    I would give a link to one of my articles in this connection: Tips for converting old and scrapped 3" floppy disks as utility, gift items
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    Wonderful thread. I also reuse toothbrush to clean combs. The bottles we get when buying stuffs are reused in the kitchen to put powders or cereals. Old clothes are used to clean floor, car etc. Plastic bags we get while shopping are used in the dustbin.

    Sometimes big plastic containers are used as a flower pot in the garden. When I get nice bottles, I color it and design it to keep it in my living room with some fresh flowers. The stones from old earings will be taken to stick to the new one when I have lost one.

    These are some I could remember now.

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    It is always a welcome news that the concept of re- use is practised by somebody. Congratulations Mr. Vekkteswaran. These days the throw away culture is spreading everywhere especially in city areas. Waste is a byproduct of civilizations or urbanisation. Waste is generally classified as biodegradable and non- biodegradable. Biodegradable waste can be converted into manure in different ways, which has been well received by people. The municipal or corporation authorities themselves will have different mechanisms to convert the biodegradable waste into manure or something else.
    In the case of non- biodegradable waste reuse is the best choice. Plastic carrybags are very common and in cities or in villages people use them to carry their purchased articles. Some throw away this after use. But some others keep it for repeated use.
    In certain cases the old articles can be modified and reused. In three ways these can be removed; reduce, reuse and refuse. Instead of throwing away by simple repair many things can be used again.
    For biodegradable waste, for converting the waste into wealth (manure) biogas plants can be used. The biogas produced can be used for cooking. Vermi composting or windrow composting are other methods. Anyway the waste will have to be converted into something useful. Otherwise earth will be in trouble.

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    Last week, my good old Padmini needed to be filled with lubricant. I bought the lubricant, but had no funnel to pour it . I didn't want to go to the market to buy a funnel and spend some sum. I had an empty 7UP bottle lying on her front seat. I took it, cut the bottom with a knife I had, and made a good funnel to use. My Padmini could get what she wanted. I have a good funnel for future use.
    It is the latest Improvisation by me.

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    Nice to hear see a thread on simple recycling tips for the home. If we have to see valuable recycling or innovative ideas to recycle, then you must visit the village households, it is amazing how everything is reused, right from the cardboard box to plastic wrapping, gunny bags, metal containers, very little of what comes in is wasted without being reused.
    A simple board game (Pallangulli in Tamil) would be played with a foldable wooden box and shells but at villages, it would be circles drawn with charcoal or white chalk and tamarind seeds as coins.

    The package plastic containers from food takeaways become boxes to store clothes clips, odd items, coins and sachets.The bottles of pickles, Eno and other plastic bottles go into the kitchen for storing dry items. The old clothes go for cleaning vehicles.

    The plastic boxes from sweetshops are used to store craft items for kids. The newspapers go to the local team of ladies who make paper covers that are used for napkins. Old worn out toothbrushes are good for cleaning the sink edges.

    Coffee mugs with handles broken become an odd holder for pens, spoons etc. Clean plastic bags are always handy to stuff items that need to be taken out or handed over to somebody else, to cover lunchboxes especially if the food can leak water or oil.

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    I fully agree with Natarajan that many homes have the Pallanguli board but does not have the right coins and we have been adjusting with tamarind seeds and that would be nice game to play during leisure. And we have some old trunk boxes of our fore fathers and that were used as the steps during the Dassara festivals for keeping the Bommala Koluvu, ie arranging the dolls for the whole nine days during the festivities. The old iron boxes are so strong that we do not want to dispose off and hence used to store the dolls and used for once in a year. I bet we cannot get such kind of quality of those kind boxes now.
    K Mohan
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    Just click here to see what and how I recycled or improvised or modified an important tool that is required in our life.
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    Nice that ISC members are well aware of the waste issues and are doing their bit to recycle or reuse.

    With reference to some points in #619679 by Sri Sankaran, I want to mention here that in my place, now the municipality has become very strict. Plastic carry bags are banned and all the shops including vegetable shops now use only 'non-woven ' fabric carry bags. The municipality has now started a mechanical plant to crush and powder the plastic items. Monthly twice the squad will visit homes and shops and collect the accumulated plastics wastes segregated and kept ready. Households have to give Rs 30 as service charges for that. It has started and we have given one batch of plastic item wastes.
    It is reported that the powdered plastic will be used in tarring roads. There is a company formed for this purpose in the state.

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    When I look back, the way in which we were living in countryside, about fifty or more years back, the system of reusing and recycling were very much in use. The agricultural system practiced during those days were mainly depending on rice cultivation. Such people used to maintain cows and buffalos in their houses. The hay collected after taking the paddy would be used as the main food item for these animals. Also the hay would be used for hatching the houses and sheds. The cowdung and buffalo sung are very good manure for paddy or agriculture. The urine is also used to destroy certain certain insects or such small creatures. Branches of certain trees are cut and the leaves are used as manure together with cow ding. The branches would be used as firewood in the kitchen. The ashes collected from the firewood are again going to vegetable cultivation. In those days the provisions are packed in paper or in cotton bags or jute bags. Sugar, jaggery and salt are packed in leaves of teakwood. Hence no plastic waste. The broomstick was made out of the coconut tree leaves or certain type of large sized grass. Once the coconut is taken out the covering material is processed and coir is prepared from that. Coconut shell also is used for different purposes such as making large sized spoons. In fact a coconut tree is useful in Toto. Similar is the case with plantain trees.
    Good waste will be mixed with cattle feed. Cattle feed is got from dried coconut when it is squeezed to take oil from it. Similarly when gingelly oil is taken from dried gigelly that cake will be the waste and it is again a cattle feed. Like this everything used will be utilized in different manner such that waste do not get produced. Most of the pots will be made of clay. If broken it can automatically get mixed with earth. Wooden furniture if completely damaged can be used as firewood. Thus we had a life as part and parcel of the nature.

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