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    Television advertisement I liked and disliked

    Advertisements are very important tool in marketing management. As prof. Kurihara mentioned,'one time seeing worth thousand times telling' and the same has been emphasized in Tamil cine song as, 'paarvai ondre pothume palla ayiram sol vendumo'
    But the advertisements should have logic. In television advertisements, I do not likes one is a tooth paste in which a school boy asked a teacher hapazard question for her improper brushing, which may educate child to behave like this with others.
    I liked the advertisement a boy helping his grand father for polishing shoes.
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    Of the latest advertisements on television one promo from Zee Tamil channel was wonderful and arresting. The tag line is Manadhal Innaivom, Matrathai Varaverpom. In this promo Jyotika has performed very well and the gist is that both and husband and wife must have the give and take policy and they should discharge the responsibility equally without pushing it on others. And the hero goes to the Parent teacher meeting and there he gets the first chance to meet the principal , again a new range of thought. Such thinking would deeply influence the people to think differently.
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    Yes. Advertisements are a good marketing tool. These days the advertisements are increasing. The value of the actual product is less than the cost of the advertisement. The actual cost of a cool drink will not be more than rs2/-. But the advertisement cost will be more than that. We are spending Rs.11/- for this cool drink. Like that many product costs are increasing very high because of these advertisements only.
    Many of the advertisements are not very good and I never feel like seeing those advertisements. I will not see many TV programs and that is why I am not very familiar with this advertisement. Earlier I used to like an advertisement of Ramaraj banians and cotton in which director K Viswanath and SP Bala Subrahmanyam used to appear.

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    This thread jogs my memory to the olden days of the TV when it has just started. Two of the ads that I'll never forget is the washing powder Nirma ad that used be heard in most houses with the image of the little girl dancing and other one being the Liril soap advert, the advert had the catchy pleasant music and tunes that were not overdone for an ad. Both the product and the ad had the quality that would have been liked by many. After that, we have had numerous ads that are creative but have too much of noise or too much of gloss Adverts of deodorants and some pan masalas are very boring because of the stereotype ideas and the sometimes the product. There are some very good ads that focus on bonding between teacher and student, grandparent and grandchild, strangers and animals, all these are good to watch for the emotional content. The adverts coming in between the cricket matches would be annoying even if the content is good because it would interrupt the focus and the rhythm of the match progress.

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    Sorry I forgot to add some annoying ads appearing when we are actually having break fast, lunch or dinner. That is toilet cleaning products in which Actor Abbas appears prominently. For God sake the televisions should not show such ads at least during the time when we are eating. That is really annoying. And one more thing a popular brand phone featuring Ranbir Singh appears at least 20 times during the great Indian laughter challenge show and that is really annoying. Why the same ads appear again and again which would never bring customers and in fact they hate to buy such products.
    K Mohan
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    Like Natarajan said, the Nirma ad still rings in my ears-Washing powder Niram,dhoot si safedi...". It was very much catchy and was never boring even when heard it umpteen times in Radio. In the yesteryear ads, I liked that of Horlicks.

    However I like the advertisement of one Agarbathi rand with words like ' Every one has many reasons to pray, .."

    Another one I recall is the ad (seen in movie theatres shown before movie started and after interval) about a chocolate. Husband comes late forgetting his promise to wife for an outing dinner. She waits for him dressed up and just when she is going to blurt in anger he gives her a cadburys chocolate and she smiles. The tag line comes on the screen 'Sometimes, cadburys can say it better than words'.with voice over also.

    Another catchy one was an advertisement for an adhesive with the lines ' we fix everything, except broken hearts'. I think no one can forget "Tandurusti ka raksha karta hai lifebuoy, lfebuoy hai jahaan tandurusti hai vahaan'
    As Rao said, I also do not see TV programmes and hence do not see ads. Whenever ads come I change channel. In many of the ads which I happen to see also,, I do not get the proper relevance and connection to products. Most of them are extra noisy too.

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    I like Vodafone advertisements, because I like the mascot zoozoo. There was one advertisement in Malayalam of a washing soap named Vanamala. It was long back and I think now that soap itself is not there. But the catchy word 'vannalo vanamala' is used by many even today. I hate advertisements those give false information. Like you look young by using a particular brand soap, and by using a perfume all girls turn back and look at you. A good advertisement should have an interesting or unique message and a catchy dialogue.
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