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    No invitation to CM of other Telugu state to World conference conducted by Telangana.

    On 15th of this month, World Telugu Conference started in Hyderabad. From all over the world, important people are invited. The inauguration meeting was attended by many eminent Telugu personalities. But unfortunately, the Organisers are never bothered to invite the neighbouring Telugu State's Chief Minister to the inauguration. Actually, this meetings might have been conducted by the two states jointly and the same might have been sent a good note to the whole world.But it had not happened. Not inviting the CM of AP is really very annoying and people start talking whether it is world Telugu conference or World Telangana Conference. Members, your Idea, please.
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    My view in this regard is different. I think that the conference on a language must be attended by the linguists, eminent litterateurs, authors, poets, grammarians of that language. The political leaders are not great exponents of that language. So, political leaders should not be invited in literary or language conferences, unless they themselves are good writers of that particular language.
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    I too agree with the author that Mr.KCR might have shown his wisdom to invite neighboring Telugu CM and other prominent Telugu literary writers of both the States because it is a Telugu festival of the dimension of Word level. After separation also showing ignorance to the people of other Telugu State is not commendable. People of Andhra also appreciating his way of the ruling of Telangana State and when he visited A.P. during the inauguration of A.P. capital, people wholeheartedly welcomed him with great applause. What prompted him to do like that no one knows as he is well-behaved personality usually.

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    What is the use of this world Telugu Conference I do n't know?Will it promote Telugu? No, it will not promote, KCR wants to see his photo in newspapers that is the reason they are conducting these conference.The financial capital city of this Country Mumbai (When I was in Mumbai the Marathi lovers came to each and every shop and insist to keep Marathi signboards on the shops if they failed to do so they penalized heavily).You see Mumbai buses there is no single English word of where the bus is going even bus ticket information is also in Marathi, including Bus numbers they write in Marathi. You see in Mumbai local Railway station sign boards there are three languages written but in Hyderabad Railway sign boards (Telugu, Hindi, English, Urdu) after somedays Marathi and Rajasthani will also be written in those.If the Government think they want to inject Telugu in the state, first of all, they should take a bold step no more Hindi or Urdu should not be written in anywhere.Perhaps English can be treated as the International language we can spare it.If KCR is a strong leader let dare to do him the moment he does his government will be in minority. Even Andhra Bank signboard (statement books, cheques) is not written in Telugu in many parts of Hyderabad.How they promote Telugu...
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    I'm sure Dr.Rao, that within the next year we would have another World Telugu Conference with a modified title held by Andhra Pradesh and no invite being sent to the CM of Telangana.
    These happenings are very common in politics and one would be surprised if we find politicians setting aside personal differences in the interest of culture, history and tradition. This would be a known mistake or oversight where invitations are not extended to neighbouring counterparts. This reflects the true reason behind the conference which is not the promotion of Telugu but the promotion of a particular party/person in the guise of the world Telugu conference. It is the norm in politics to do things for their own benefit and people are narrow-minded and would not be mature enough to set aside differences and stand together for the issue at hand 'awareness of the heritage of Telugu'.

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    I am also annoyed the way the conference has been going on without the mention of those lived in Andhra region and their contributions are forgotten. Our great NTR has been forgotten and no mention of him. Do you remember that during Telangana agitation the were was big commotion on the Tank Bund and the crowd went rampage and destroyed all the precious statues of greats installed on the Tank Bund. And that was the hooliganism done in the past. Of course the statues were restored and not with originality. Now the same statues got the face lift and being decorated with lights and flowers. So what I mean to say that when the festivities is on the Telugu language and its glory, every one should have been invited and that would have enhanced the prestige of CM KCR. But it seems he is having vengeance against AP people in his mind even today.
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    The conference ended yesterday for which the President of India came. The complete show has gone to highlight the Chief Minister of Telangana, KCR but not Telugu. Everybody appreciated him. Before Nt Rama Rao came to power Telugu people are also known as Madrasis only. No one used to call them Telugu people. Nationally or Internationally. But this entire programme organised without giving any credit to him or at least mentioned his name anywhere. His son who is a famous Telugu actor only talked about him when there was a meeting of all Telugu film stars past and the present attended and talked. This has given ill feelings to many.
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    I request Dr. Rao or the Lead Editor to kindly correct the spelling of the state (Telangana) in the heading of the Forum post. It doesn't look nice.
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    Thank you for your observation . I have corrected the same.
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