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    Santa’s happy cap full of smiles

    [This story wins the joint first prize for the Christmas creative writing story contest]

    Rosy was watching "smile pinki " a documentary about a girl who wasn't able to smile because of a deformity called cleft lip and was ostracized by all.
    As the documentary ended Rosy began to wonder what is so important about this smile that people make it an issue, it's just a useless expression.
    But then she repeats in her mind "smile Rosy" it's time to work. She is a receptionist at a Restaurant and its part of her job to smile all the time but she hates to smile at everybody who goes through that lobby but her face doesn't reveal this. However as soon as she reaches home this smile fades away and she becomes rude taunting and cursing everyone, blabbering about her workload and party organization for the Christmas Eve next week.
    She is the only one in her family who earn and bears all the expenses of education of her younger siblings and ill mother.
    Her siblings don't pay much attention to her blabbering and whisper what is wrong with their sister, who speaks in such a manner about a festival. Her mother understands her situation but couldn't help.
    Samuel who runs a whole chain of restaurants among which this is also one where Rosy works, he notices her working from a corner and comes near her and she smiles thinking him a normal customer. He says your smile doesn't look real you need to smile from your heart. She replies that she will try to work on it and asks him what he wants to order but he smiles and keeps on moving.
    Rosy curses him in her heart for wasting her time but she thinks his face was familiar to her later manager comes and asks her what was boss asking about and tells her that he is the owner of this Restaurant.
    Listening to this her heart sinks and she thinks about the remark he made but she still thinks that the face was very familiar to her and those words too, and his face is the only thing she thinks about and remembers he was her best-friend Samuel who used to play the role of Santa in school and used to make her smile with his jokes. During high school, his father transferred to another city and they never met again. Rosy thinks to herself why didn't He recognize her. Days passed and on the eve of Christmas Rosy was working as usual preparing for the party as she sees Santa coming near her it was Samuel who asks her to pull a rope which pulls a big Santa cap shaped curtain behind which there were few lines written "Here is your real smile we all thank you for working so hard, we all love you very much which was signed by all her colleagues, siblings, mother and at last Yours Santa (Samuel)". Rosy was smiling with tears in her eyes and got back her real smile.
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    Nice. Really nice. This was even better than mine. Hope you'll win again.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    A very pleasant write up. Very nicely presented. I appreciate the author for her creative thinking and she expressed the need of smile in a different manner. When your hard work is not appreciated by even the beneficiaries we will feel very unhappy. A simple word of appreciation with a good pat on the back will take you to heaven. You will get excited and feel very happy. So it is better always to appreciate somebody who is helping us which will motivate and becomes more productive.
    always confident

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    A thoughtful story of a person who is burdened with all the responsibilities of a family and this makes people have a tough exterior as they feel life is harsh and they cannot have any personal time and enjoy life because they have to care of others.Many people smile at us everyday, we can make out the fake, plastic smile that is really annoying. The message at the end is good, we need to appreciate people for whom life has been a ongoing struggle, a smile, a hug, a small gift, all these make them happy and smiling. This Christmas, at least we'' make an effort to bring some smiles of people who work for us at the lower end ( security, coffee boy, driver, cleaning staff etc).

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