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    Do you visit advertisement pages while browsing Web pages?

    Usually, while we are browsing web pages on the internet we come across a lot of advertisements. Sometimes these advertisements may disturb our serious work. But sometimes we get attracted to those advertisements and visit those pages out of curiosity. Especially business e-Commerce sites Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, E-bay etc. through their artificial intelligence software they attract to drive us to visit their sites. Sometimes I get attracted to those sites from these advertisements as I previously visited those sites for certain things. Folks, how you pay attention to such advertisements to web pages.
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    I visit certain ad pages if I feel they are relevant to my search or needs.
    Sometimes certain ads catch my attention and I visit them. But I may not go further if they are not relevant or useful to me. Generally I do no visit advertisement pages..

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    Well when we write contents in this site, for every page the ads appear and that has been happening every day. I wont visit those ads because they does not matter to me. The other day when I posted the matter and checking for any mistakes, on the top a sexy ad appeared and at the same time my wife came to offer me the coffee and that ad made her to chide me as she thought I am appreciating that ad. Then I had to clarify my stand. So what I mean to say that even if you read the content of your own page, for Google it is presumed that you have visited and watched the ads thus appeared.
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    No, I don't bother to even give a cursory look to such advertisements. I have to use internet very often for my official work and my private studies (of the subjects which attract me). I can't waste my time to look at these advertisements.
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    Generally I avoid looking at these advertisements. Many times as expressed by the author they are very distracting . We lose our concentration and we lose track sometimes. So I never see that side. I will be sometimegetting a doubt how many people will really see these advertisements. I discussed this point with many people. Many of them always say that they never go through the advertisements. Is there any advantage they get and return for their expenditure I don't know. However many young people and children will get attracted to these advertisements and I have seen many of them spending lot of time on these advertisements.
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    Of course, our ISC sites revenue and many networking people's Adsense revenue earnings depend upon these advertisements only!!

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    Adverts are part of our life, wherever we are, Even if you parying in a temple, you will see boards with rates for pooja Rs 1000.00 for this pooja etc, there will are be reminders to book arcahana slots on special days. Even in the children's class, I've seen adverts, Be a proud student of School X, we have secured 8 out of the 10th place.
    Hence adverts were part of our life, now with the changing lifestyles and time we spend on the internet, we are potential targets and companies place their ads strategically on the webpage so that it doesn't cover fully but distracts us. What I do is glance at the ad, if it is interesting, I click on it or watch it. If it doesn't appeal to me, I just ignore it. For the ad companies with huge marketing budgets, these web ads are not as expensive as billboards, TV ad slot time or rental charges to be paid for the government for giant ads along major roads or locations.

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