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    Query regarding word limit

    Recently when I checked the number of words on the Grammarly and Microsoft Word they were different as one of them might consider characters also in the number of words.

    This made me wonder about competition entries in ISC, as there are various competition threads are announced on ISC have a certain word limit. Does this word limit consist of characters other than word also like- Fullstops, semicolon, apostrophes e.t.c. or it is just about the words?

    Please resolve my query.
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    You have put a very good query that did not occur even to me as an organizer of contests. I think it is best that participants in contests having a word limit check via a Word doc. only, using the Review - Word Count tool, referring to 'Words' only in that box to check the number of words.

    Thanks for posting this query. We will, starting with the present Christmas story writing contest, suggest using the Word doc. tool only so that everyone is on an even page and not using different online tools.

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    A good doubt. Sometimes we may not be falling with the limits of words given to the competitions. If we know what is the method of knowing the word limit, we can also use the same method and count the word count correctly. With this thread and the answer of Managing Editor, we got the clarity and we will check the words hereafter using the word doc. tool.
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    Like ME I was also not aware of such difference, because when needed , I check with MS Word only. I was thinking that the parameters would be uniform only. Thanks for the information. Thanks to ME for the fixed guideline too.

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    Nice thread Most word counter display at the least number of words and number of characters. It is accepted in competitions that when word count is specified, it means actual words and not all the characters. If we keep taking characters and spacing then the count would far too much. In competitions where in the prize money is involved we need a standardization so that disputes don't arise. I personally feel, it is safer to have 5-10 words lesser than being exact to the upper limit of words, for instance 500,1000 etc so that we don't overshoot the target.

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