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    A pleasant word which gives value to us

    This is a very commonly used word which is an expression in our face. Smile. It is a very pleasant word which adds value to our faceWe use this expression very commonly for expressing our happiness to others. Some people will always keep this smile on their face. All the people will like to see such people. Some people will be very serious and they never show this smile on their face. But when we have a smile on our face other people will definitely get attracted towards us and they will also smile at us and try to have a costs us nothing but gives us good friends. It will keep us afresh always. So keep smiling.
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    Very well set by the author. I do agree with the author. Actually scientifically also smile improves your health in many ways some clinic I had read. By smiling, it will keep your mind fresh and even cool and calm.

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    Exactly. The value of smile really a great but the same is missing one in many people. We can see many people in the public places with hardened or shrinking or angry look face. I do not understand for what they keep their face like this.

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    It is very well said.. Let your smile change your world but don't let the world change your smile.
    When you smile people around you too will be happy.. But a person without a smile will not be welcomed . When there is a difficult task to do we often make a grim face. But if you smile and do it is sure to be appreciated.
    Keep up your smiles not only when you are photographed.. Not for the sake of others but for one's own sake, and you will feel happy.

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    Smiling and Talking are the two prerogatives enjoyed by human beings, because no species other than human beings can talk or smile.
    A genuine smile has both physical and social advantages. A genuine smile will lower heart rate, reduce stress, boost immune system, makes a man look younger by a couple of years. And, at the same time the smile has the social advantage of building trust in the other person, if the happens to be a stranger you are meeting him for the first time.
    A genuine smile spontaneously breaks whenever a man is in jovial mood or whenever he meets another friend or his well-wisher. But, now a day's many things have become artificial and employees in business houses are taught to crack an artificial smile at the customer to make him pleased, whether the employee is in a jovial mood or depressed mood.
    In the end, let us see the spelling of 'SMILES', which makes it as longest word in English language. It is to be considered as the longest word because there is a mile gap between the first and the last letters 'S'

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    Yes, a smile is the best medicine, it can cure tension and make you happy. Many people have a habit of smiling, and they will always wear a smile when talking to you. It is a nice habit. When you smile to other people, they carry a good and happy feedback from you.
    We should always spread a smile to each other.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Good thread by the author after one on smile and laughter. Yes, we all like to speak to, interact with a person who has a smile on his face. Often, if the security gaurd at the office or an apartment, smiles and wishes, people look at him and acknowledge, if the security chap is serious, then people don't even look at him. They just walk past him.
    All of us have our own issues in life and tasks to be completed in a day. Whether we like it or not, we have to do our work and fulfill our responsibilities at home or at workplace. SO, there is no harm in smiling and carrying on with our work, whenever appropriate. It will lift up our spirits and bring a smile on the faces of people around us. We don't need to smile loudly at inappropriate places and times but a little smile when we talk, when we interact improves the quality of the day of all of us.

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