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    How much time will It take to approve my question in ask experts?

    I posted a question about echo test analysis in cardiology in ask experts section. But admins are not approving my question. I thought this was Because lack of information. So I posted the same question again by adding more details and correcting some mistakes in previous questions. But still, I got no response from the admins. That is a serious health issue and i am waiting for the responses of experts there. How much time will it take to review my question?
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    If you post a question in ask experts section, experts would certainly respond to it immediately and if there is no response forth coming means there might be flaws in your query. And in ask experts section not all members would be comfortable in giving answers. Hence please wait for the experts to respond.
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    On 10th December there was a question about echo test analysis. The question was posted and answers were also posted. But the name of the author is different. Is it the same question. Please look into it once.
    These days the ASK EXPERT questions are cleared very fast. If they stopped it means there may be some doubts. Please look into pending items. It may give you some Idea.

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    The questions are generally approved within 48 hours. However, it depends upon the availability of Editors in 'Ask Expert' section. If the question is asked during the holidays, it can take little bit longer for approval.
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    There was one ask the experts query posted on the ISC recently that was apporved and answered, one more was not yet approved.

    The issues would be

    1.on ISC experts would be rectulant to give opinions on cardiology or ECHO reports

    2. Such reports should be given by qualified cardiologist or qualified internal medicine specialists who have expereince in interpreting such figures given.

    3.Even with face to face real consultations, there would a difference of opinion from one cardiologist to another.

    4.ECHO reports throw up findings like trivial TR (tricuspid valve regurgitation). EF 65% ( ejection fraction 65%). These are things that cannot be interpreted without assessing the patient. For instance EF of 50% would be sufficient for a elderly senior citizen, whose mobility is restricted to a 50-100 yards around home, a visit to a temple etc. The same would have a totally opposite implication on an athlete or a 35 year old man or woman.

    5. Even a trained cardiologist would be guarded in interpreting these results just by seeing the figures.

    6. IF this query comes we would give a general explanation and request you to see a qualified expert.

    These are my views for the editors or ATE section, members and people who would need clarifications.

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    When making enquiries about a post in any section, please provide the URL for quick reference so that we can resolve your issue quickly.

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    I have approved the question now -

    As ME has suggested you should provide the Url of the post so that necessary action would be taken. I had to verify the question in the 'New submissions' category and complete the Editing process out of turn. Further, I don't know how far it would be helpful to you seeking advice or evaluation of the Medical report but I suggest you to believe the visiting Doctor, otherwise varied opinions in Forum would make you more confused.


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    I agree with other author's response. I too have read a question about echo test. But any way you should mention the URL and if it is not approved there must be the reason which is not meeting the terms and conditions of ISC. But any way Lead Editor has given a response that it is approved. So I think now you get a solution for your problem.

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    This thread should be locked for further responses as the necessary action have already be taken by the editors and the query of the author has been satisfied.
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