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    Congratulations to BJP for winning Gujarat elections.

    The BJP party has won the Gujarat elections for a record time. I congratulate the party for winning the election even though it had a scare in the last moments of counting. The Congress party under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi did well by improving its seats and vote share in Gujarat. The election campaign in Gujarat saw many lows. I fondly hope the political parties to understand and do well in future campaigns.
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    I too congratulate BJP for their constant achievements. But in Karnataka don't know what will be the state of results.

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    The Gujarat election result is a High intensity Political Earthquake, which rattled BJP! It made BJP nervous!! Sensex shivered,nosedived 800 points! It's vibrations may reach as far as 2019 General Elections! It is giving many signals to the political think tanks of many parties!
    Anyway, Congratulations to BJP!
    After this Political Earthquake,Congress has come out from ICU!
    BJP has to concentrate on developments; otherwise, they can expect many more big Tremors!
    What you say?

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    Rahul Gandhi, the Congress President, has cancelled his scheduled press briefing to be held in the afternoon. Who knows why?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Congratulations to BJP for winning majority seats in Gujarat. The Gujarat election created a lot of suspense and even BJP is having very tiring time. Ultimately they won and that too in a row sixth time if I am not wrong. The congress also fared well than last time. They improved their tally and percentage of votes. The election campaign has seen many unwanted issues and brought the politics to a very low level. Let the leaders of all parties stand on their merits rather than blaming the other parties and people. The vote should be a positive vote but not a negative vote. This sense should prevail in the minds of the political leaders. Now the blame game either on EVMs or some unfair activities on each other will start. This culture should vanish from the Indian politics. then only we have a better time.
    always confident

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    Congratulations to BJP for its astonishing win even after continuous 22 years of rule. It is not only the victory of big leaders like PM Narendra Modi and Amit shah but also of all the party workers working for Win of BJP at very lower level in a very organised manner
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    In our 'first past the post' and simple majority of seats system, a win is a win even if just by one seat. The difference it makes is to rule or sit in opposition. It makes the waiting period of another five years for the lost side.In that regard BJP deserves congratulations in its electoral victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.
    The irony I observed is that no one is bothered about the HP win, but channels are full with debate of a 'relief win' to BJP in Gujarat.
    Personally I feel unhappy and worried about the way both sides campaigned and the factors they relied upon.
    Another point I have found is that in many constituencies, NOTA scored better than some of the recognised political parties. I think, all these do not forebode well.

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    The hide and seek game is over. Once again the Indian Voter has proved that he is not a kingmaker but the king. As per the initial reports at 8.30 AM today the channels have poured in the news that it is going to be a massive mandate in favour of the BJP and after one hour at 9.30 AM they started questioning the BJP leaders as the Congress established a good lead and appeared to cross the half-way mark. Again at 10.15 AM, the BJP was back in the game and finally neared the three-figure mark - 100.

    So, it is not an easy win for the party and totally dependent on Modiji and Amit Shah. The Duo once again proved that they are the successful combo by bagging the HP state too in their fold. We can say a good beginning for Rahul too but he has to work hard to revive his party since the Final match is to be played in another 18 months.


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    A victory is a victory and so I congratulate Sri Modi and Amit Shah for the BJP win in Gujarat! The results in Himachal Pradesh is an icing on the cake for the BJP. Looking at the pattern of campaign and voting, especially in Gujarat, I don't think the BJP would be able to ride on the shoulders of Shri Modi and Shah alone in the next election they face, States or the Center.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Although the counting is not yet over, the trend is clear. In Gujarat, despite subtle communal, overtly caste-based openly 'neech' comment about the Prime Minister, twenty-two years of anti-incumbency and absence of Narendra Modi from state arena, BJP has managed to get clear majority. As of now, it is leading/has already won 99 seats whereas Congress has been leading in 81 seats. Although BJP has been getting around 16 seats, the difference of votes between BJP and Congress is almost 7% points, which is phenomenal.

    After 5 years of corrupt rule of Birbhadra Singh-led Congress, BJP is coming back to power with 2/3rd majority. But BJP's major leader Prem Kumar Dhoomal has been losing.

    Rahul Gandhi has cancelled his press briefing scheduled to be held in the afternoon. He has proved himself a sore looser. Hardik Patel, Congress' new-found hero, has expectedly blame the EVMs for this loss.

    However, I am astonished by remembering the scenes of some of the well-known TV channels in the morning. There was open jubiliation after the first round of counting, when BJP was trailing.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The final results were announced and it says BJP-99, Congress-80, and others 3. I agree with what Venkateswarian sir told in his previous response 'a win is a win' but what BJP expected, what political pandits analyzed, considering the stance of Mr.Modi in Gujarat state is not an emphatic win. Much of the business people, students and some section of people are against his policies. After his continuous winning spree in State elections many mass media, social media highlighted Mr.Modi and BJP cannot be defeated even after 20 years. But in a democracy everything is possible. Congress did very well in this election under Mr.Rahul's leadership and he has good chance to turn the tables in the next general elections. This election voting pattern shows a clear change in voters mind toward Mr.Modi's rule. Anyhow Congratulation to BJP party for winning both State assemblies.

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    Adding to some points debated in #619759, I would like to say that in many of my earlier posts , whenever such the performance and prospects of the BJP/NDA government was discussed, I was always giving hintsthat BJP is nourishing overconfidence and it tends to a state of ego and adamancy. I had also hinted that if BJP/NDA do not learn the lessons then the results in the next general elections can be different.
    I give some examples in this regard.

    Response Post No: #619759; Response post 542788;

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    Well congrats to BJP for winning the election in Gujarat with wafer margin. Surely the PM Modi who hails from the state was aiming big win from his home place. But I will appreciate Rahul Gandhi and Congress party for giving tough fight and winning some good seats. One thing BJP must learn that mere development mantra wont work in future, and the voters gave one more chance to BJP to mend its way. It should not take any major actions affecting general public and for Congress in Himachal Pradesh, they must have learned that promised thing must be done otherwise drubbing is sure.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The BJP which aimed for more than 150 seats has to content with 99 seats. The BJP has 16 seats lesser now than in 2012. Congress which got 80 seats has improved its tally to 80 seats which are 19 seats more than in 2012. The landslide victory which the BJP and poll surveys indicated proved to be wrong. At one point in time, Congress was leading and sent a scare to the BJP. All of a sudden the trend reversed and BJP went into the lead and won. I see God's hand in the victory.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    BJP: 99
    God's hand in the victory? or God withdrew 16 seats from BJP?
    God is with whom? BJP or Congress?

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    God is with BJP. The Congress party at one time was leading with 83 to BJP 78 or so, there was excitement everywhere in TV channels of a possible Congress win. All of a sudden the trend reversed and BJP got an unbeatable lead.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    After the first and in some cases second round of counting, the Congress established a small lead. The pet channels and pet journalists have started shouting through the roofs, as if the result has already been declared. BJP established lead slowly but surely, but again at the very last stage, Congress to some extent recovered lost ground.

    But I have been astonished by the vote share. BJP has improved its vote percentage from its 2012 performance and there has been a difference of 8 percentage point of vote share with Congress.

    Another interesting thing is the result at Surat area. The journalists were predicting complete rout of BJP from that area due to demonetisation and GST. But BJP has almost maintained vote percentage and number of seats in this area.

    Although Alpesh Tahkore and Jignesh Mewani have won and Hardik gave satisfactory vote share of Patidars to Congress, top state-level state Congress leaders Shakti Singh Govil and Arjun Morparia have lost.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    God saves whom who know to save himself /herself. I too have said in one of the thread that the Prince can hardly make any impression though he did all drama to go to temple and avoiding meeting with minority, played the division of cast but all fell short to get him majority. The GST also didn't do any favour to Congress however, they were almost divided the Gujrati. When the country is in mood to develop, the Congress played the same old game "divide and rule". Thank God that Gujrati people got their sense and voted against of it.

    Whether one believe or not, unless Congress have the trusted face like Modi, winning in majority is just a dream for them.

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    Congratulations for BJP for wining the Gujarat elections. The number of seats were less that what they had hoped for and we did have some drama in the morning when the counting started. First all is well, then some doubts, Congress team (Mr. Piolt etc) were very happy that Congress has a chance and Gujarat will show BJP the true mind of the people etc. But finally, BJP did win, although with a lesser margin. The magic of Mr. Modi and Mr.Shah has worked but they should not become overconfident and focus now on Karnataka where congress seem to be sure that they are well placed. Any party should not take the voters for granted and make plans. With Rahul and Hardik joining forces, the BJP did have some tense moments as to whether the adverse effects of their polices or deals in keep with the election promises would prove costly for them.

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    Let us not be surprised! Why did Sri Modi, the Prime Minister of India (?) had to take out the 'I am from Gujarat' and 'BJP is at the center' card as a last resort? It is something we (as a nation) need to be aware of and need to be worried about.

    The results would have been different if not for the blackmailing attitude of Sri Modi and Mr Amit Shah. They had almost categorically said that ongoing development projects in Gujarat may be stalled if the party is not brought back to power. Sad state of affairs, I must say, and a sure failure of our democratic system.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    "The results would have been different if not for the blackmailing attitude of Sri Modi and Mr Amit Shah."-Salute!

    If the first boy of the class fails to get 90%, the teachers say that his performance has nose-dived. At the same time, when the back-bencher improves his performance from 20% to 30%,, the teachers console him:"Beta, you are improving. Next time, you may pass. Go on trying."

    I reiterate the slogan of the Indian libus: 'Modi has failed. Modi must resign.'

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, the hesitation to accept facts is the trademark of the so called non-libus (I don't want to use the other term to counter your slogans). My response was not from the sky; it has the soul of a nation that still believes in democracy and values our Constitution. Let us not try to divert from the truth. If the Congress (+its allies) was able to send shivers down the spine of the BJP, albeit for a few moments, it is a victory for the national party that has been sought to be wiped away by the Saffron brigade.

    Please do not deviate and take shelter elsewhere; be direct when you respond to points that do not suit your way of thinking. It is not easy.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Whether the supporter of congress believe it or not but they are in shock as how BJP has won the election. When everything was going opposite for the BJP. The Gabbar Singh Tax (GST), it is not hidden that people from Gujrat were not happy with it. The caste system, which congress once again try to play the game on the shoulder of three young people. Overall it was the best opportunity for the congress to win the Gujrat election but the result came just opposite. However, dear congress supporters, you will have to do it once again from the base. Above all do you have any leader like of Modi in your party. If not try to find a leader whom the people of India can trust. Singing the same old raga and playing the same old tactic will no more going to win the election.

    Anyway, it will take a long time come out from this shocking result till then you are free to blame BJP.

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    One small example. Despite the so-called term 'Gabbar Singh Tax' and the libu-narrative that the Surat traders have been very angry, BJP has won all seven seats in Surat and its outskirt. BJP has lost its ground at Sourashtra region because of multiple factors like agitation of draught-hit farmers and a section of Patidars has not voted for the party. But that is quite natural. I have already given my analysis about Gujarat election in this thread itself and don't want to repeat it now.

    But I am wondering why the rejuvenated Congress supporters and Modi-haters are so silent about Himachal Pradesh election result. Not even a single thread about Himachal Pradesh! That is also an important and beautiful part of the country!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Latest update: Ratansinh Rathod, an MLA elected in central Gujarat, has declared his "unconditional support" for the BJP. Mr Rathod contested as an independent after he failed to get the Congress to field him. BJP has somehow reached 100 mark.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No worries,they will touch their well sought figure - 135. The 'Ayaa Ram and Gayaa Ram' formula has taken a new shape to avoid the defective anti- defection law and those who are going to join the Saffron brigade would maintain to say that they have joined to strengthen the hands of the PM and to take care of their Constituency's developmental activity, as exactly happened in AP and Telengana. In AP the opposition YS Jagan Party got 49 seats and their strength reduced to 22. Similar situation would prevail everywhere and that is the beauty of our democracy.

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