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    Does ISC support or taken on any responsibility for social causes?

    In our country there is progress and poverty going hand in hand. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The poor or needy can definitely use as many helping hands they can find. Many organisations involved in charity or social causes run solely with that as the aim and many has an agreed comittment to help the poor.

    Does ISC or Can ISC have a commitment to help the needy. For instance, contributing to a local school in need of books, pencils or uniforms. Local government hospital that can use some resources like food, and a few basic medicines.

    We cannot help a large number or set aside huge sums of money. But can we at least make a start. Individual members can make voluntary donations or a percentage of their earnings, whatever they feel is suitable (purely by choice and not mandatory). Then the webmasters can channel the funds to some organisation that the admin team can narrow down.
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    Very good thought by the author I think ISC can also think over this but my only concern is that it should reach the right hands to help the poor and someone should take an initiative to start. I think by doing this we are contributing to the country. Not only ISC we individual's also can start helping poor in and around our surroundings. I usually give my children's and our clothes which are good to wear to a poor family near my child's school. I have been looking at them for 3 years they are hard working. Suppose if any function at my house next day when I go I take the sweets and give them. I don't know whether I am helping but I feel like giving them.

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    These days many Organisations are giving a part of their profits for the social use. Many organisations are donating books and scholarships to the merit students in the schools near their Organisation.Some organisations are donating medicines to the needy near their place. Some are maintaining ambulances to take the patients to the nearest health care centres as early as possible.
    Probably ISC may also be doing some social service. They may not advertise this activity. Anyhow now as you ahve raised the thread somebody from the site may give a brief about their activities. Let us look forward to this. There are people who are ready to extend their cooperation if ISC wants to do some service activity by taking contributions from its members.

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    I do not think so. ISC doesn't support any social cause. Even we struggled to contribute during the Orissa flood and Chennai cyclone. ISCians strongly believe that the hard earned sum of ISCian would reach the wrong hands or misused. The integrity of the authorities are suspected. Hence, a big NO to such things.
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    After all, ISC is a website with a clear tilt towards education. We can't and shouldn't expect that this website would actively support any social cause. Supporting social cause is not the objective of ISC.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    ISC establishment is not a big corporate, and hence does not come under the statutory/mandatory CSR.

    Like any individual or business, ISC establishment may also be eligible and using the avenues under various provisos to help or donate directly or indirectly with or without availing the permitted benefits under taxationlaws etc. I consider, it is not proper for us to ask the internal financial matters unless divulged by ISC .

    But the activities and scope of ISC and other related group sites and the activities taken up by the people behind ISC may be indirectly helping social causes in one way other.

    As SuN mentioned, on earlier occasions we had discussions about ISC facilitating to collect, pool and channelise financial donation from members(taken from the cc dues under consent) towards relief fund for natural calamities. But it was obvious there are many practical issues involved and could not be taken up.

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    Previously also such threads have been raised and discussed. ISC can involve and be a crusader in taking some social cause and now that our site is well received and seen even in social media, the reach would be great . I have also requested our webmaster Tony previously to take us social issues or involve our ISC team members in some cause to help the needy. In fact I have requested to create a fund for Tsunami and those affected could have been met with some donations from us. I was ready to even forgo my earnings in various spider sites but after wards there were no following.
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