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    Thread response content is invisible to many like a thread summary

    Dear Members,
    An important or interesting content posted inside a thread response will not be much visible to many, like a thread summary. What I mean is - If we post something good in a response to a thread, it may not be read by many members. Whereas, if the same is posted as a thread, it will be read by many.

    Do you agree or disagree?
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    I don't know SUN, how far it is correct. My habit is to read the thread and other responses to the thread before I go for posting my views. So I pay equal importance to the other responses also. But as you said many members may not be reading all the responses before posting their view. These days the activity on thread section is increasing and going through all the replies may be time taking. So many may be avoiding. But what I feel is the concerned editor is reading all the replies also. Sometimes they are awarding CC to forum responses also. It is an indication that they are going through all the threads and responses.
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    Before posting my views,mostly I try to read all the previous responses in the thread . However I may miss some good content response posted subsequently by others, as unless I feel it specially important on some regard, I generally do not revisit visit threads which I responded,

    In the same way even my own responses may be missed by other members.
    So I have to agree with SuN to some extent.

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    Your contention is not clear. If your response is deleted and awarded with (-) points, the content is not visible to the members except to the Forum Editors. I think you are confused.

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    Dr. Rao,
    It is the duty of the editors to go through all the responses to find irregularities, and to appreciate the good and delete the bad. but members do not. Members once viewed the thread may not view it again except the author of the thread.

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    No. My contention is very clear. Mr. Venkiteswaran and Dr. Rao interpreted and understood the word visible correctly, and responded suitably.

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    I think I need to appreciate the thought (if it is not something different from what I perceive) behind this thread though I am not very sure about the suggestion. So, what do you suggest Mr SuN? We have only two options left- either the members must be diligent enough to read through all the responses too with the same interest with which he reads a thread ( a point which has been repeated time and again) or the members should not waste time by posting responses and should post threads instead so that his content gets the same attention. Am I right?

    Reading a thread or a response or for that matter, any content in ISC, is no doubt an individual choice. But it would be nice if he keeps in mind, while posting responses, that there are members and editors who read through all the responses and make assessments. We do come across many responses that are irrelevant and also those which does not connect with the earlier responses. We have seen members alerting the authors that they have posted a content that is not relevant to the topic being discussed. So, to say that the content of a response will not be visible to many like the content of a thread will not be correct because there are situations when even the contents of a thread are not read properly. Just as a presumption, would it be then prudent to suggest that the contents of a thread will not be visible to many as the title of the thread.

    I am of the opinion that responses are as important as the threads and we must never ignore them. After all, the purpose of this platform is to discuss issues/ ideas and to do that judiciously, we need to connect and read before coming up with our own views/ arguments.

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    It is like this. Supposing I subscribe a huge amount to an organisation for a social cause . It will be known only to the authorities holding the fund. But if I publish it in a newspaper, it will be made public and known to many. The first one is the thread response (visible to the editors), and the second one is the fresh thread(visible to all). That's all about.

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    I partially agree with you Sun. Normally I do read the responses before posting a response (not all) and if the thread is interesting to me, I come back later and read the other responses as well. I do not read the responses those are posted after mine, if I am not too much interested in knowing more about it. In such cases I might have missed on the good responses. Also I like the responses of certain people and I like reading those but unfortunately not everyone falls under that group.

    I have personally felt some are responding just for the sake of it or as almost the same as the above responses. I normally loose interest in reading such peoples responses further. But some have made it a point to respond uniquely and differently, I like reading such responses. According to me it is how you respond, attracts readers. Seeing some names itself I would want to read. That even applies for threads as well.

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    This would apply for occasional visitors to the forum or guests who would read a thread and catch the gist of it without having time or having interest to read the replies.

    If a reply is good, then it will catch the eye of the reader as regular members would read the thread and the replies so that they can get an idea of the message and the questions that the thread poses. Most replies would be read as it would also give the pattern for the answer that the member is about the post.

    Dr.Rao, has mentioned on the CC being awarded which is an indirect indication that the reply has more relevance than the rest. But this is also not foolproof.For instance, I've replied on a thread on query for ECHO. I thought, I have given a relevant reply with current pros and cons. But my reply hasn't got any CC How-much-time-will-It-take-to-approve-my-question-in-ask-experts

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    What I mean is the views on a reply can vary from person to person as absence of cc doesn't mean reply is not good. Many feel that the replies are similar, yes most would be unless we are debating a major issue where one can elaborate on a couple of points that they are familiar with. I make it a point to reply to threads because, a person takes some interest in generating a thread, thinking about it and typing it. If we the regular members don't reply and encourage each other, Who will do it? If there are 2-3 threads without any reply, the author would be disappointed.

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    Who said that our responses posted here are not read and not getting importance. The author would certainly read every response and me too read the responses as invariably my reply would also be appended in the thread. Some times I will respond to the members reply if the information shared was interesting and need to be further discussed. Moreover some members have the fan following in this site and their contents are read and understood well by the members and even responded. There cannot be over looking of contents and that is the wrong notion from the author.
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