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    It is BJP in Himachal Pradesh too.

    The BJP has won majority seats in Himachal Pradesh also. The ruling Congress is in second position only. As the election in Gujarat got delayed, the results of HP also got delayed. Today the counting is on. The BJP maintained its form in HP also. It has ousted congress and got the majority seats. We should congratulate BJP for this victory also. It is an indication the people of India are with BJP and its leaders. In HP it is an anti-incumbency seat added by the flavour of BJP. The BJP should not take these two victories very proudly and should not be complacent. To retain its position in the centre in coming election it should now concentrate more on developmental works.
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    Congratulations to BJP for winning Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh election. People have really voted against the politics of division and for the politics of development.
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    For BJP, Himachal was a cake walk,no,It was an ice-cream walk!

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    I have posted my views in another thread on the recent elections. There I have included HP elections also.
    Anyway as winners BJP/NDA deserve congratulations. Hope they will give good governance and rule for the betterment of the states people and the nation as a whole.

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    Yes, it would be another feather in the cap of BJP for wrestling the Himachal Pradesh from the Congress. BJP was confident even before the counting could start. The problems with crime, unemployment and governance issues of Himachal Pradesh under Congress ensured that people would change. Often people don't have a choice, they have to go for party A for one cycle and then change over to party B for the next cycle. Perhaps now is the time for Congress to gracefully accept defeat and be a responsible opposition party and continue focussing on people's issues. Once they connect with the people and everyone does good work winning the trust of people, Congress can have a chance next time.

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    There has been a change of goverments on alternate elections in HP. There was not a very big issue as there was in Gujrat. We can not call this victory for anti-incumbency. Governance remains more or less the same. The BJP in HP is divided and there are many aspirants for the post of the CM.

    Interestingly, the candidate declared for the CM post has lost election. The BJP is finding it difficult to strike the caste balance in the party. There are reports that the party has declared a RSS cadre Shri Takur as the CM of the state amidst the resistance from the supporters of the CM candidate declared before the elections.

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    The outcome of Himachal Pradesh Assembly election was a foregone conclusion. Congress also knew it. Rahul Gandhi also did not waste his time in Himachal Pradesh. Only Virbhadra Singh tried to save this crumbling fort.

    In this connection, I refer to my following thread on the day of Himachal Pradesh election:-
    Can Vir save the crumbling fort?

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