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    Old Santa Claus’s gift to Little Santa

    Roshan popularly called 'Little Santa' in school is an innocent, short and fat boy studying his 9th grade at a convent school in Ooty.

    When Roshan was studying his 8th grade, the boy who was selected to play the role of a Santa was absent on the day of Christmas celebration at school. As Rosh looks fluffy, Roshan's teacher ordered him to dress like a Santa and asked him to entertain the audience. Rosh was not interested to perform like Santa, but he had no other option than to obey his teacher's words. Hiding his sad face behind the mask, Roshan managed hardly to entertain the people around him with his fun performance.

    From that day, Roshan's classmates have started teasing him with the name 'Little Santa" and the entire school identified him with his nickname. He has an inferiority complex about his exterior look and gets dejected whenever his classmates tease him with his nickname.

    The school management was impressed with Roshan's Santa performance and has selected him to play the role of a Santa Claus in the coming Christmas celebration. Roshan expressed his disinterest but his teacher strictly ordered him to follow her words. Roshan felt sad and while returning home from school, he went to the nearby Church and cried in front of Jesus Christ's statue. Out of depression, Roshan expressed his hard feelings to the Lord loudly.

    Suddenly one hand touched Roshan's shoulders from the back. Roshan turned with teary eyes and found a Santa Claus standing behind him. He stood speechless in front of the Santa. The man who was dressed like a Santa took Roshan out of the church and removed his Santa costumes. He was a 50 years old man who looked stout. He said few remarkable words to Roshan.

    "Little Santa! After listening to your words, God has sent me to wipe your tears. Look at me, I'm also a bulky person and people also tease me. But I never care about depressing words. Being a Santa gives me happiness and satisfaction. While giving gifts to kids and entertaining the people, the happiness which creeps in the face of others will definitely give a sense of joy to the heart. It is a blessing and a heavenly feeling to play the role of a Santa. So, don't worry about your outer look, give importance to your inner happiness" said the old Santa.

    Roshan's depression flew away after listening to old Santa's positive words. "Thank you, Santa! I'll definitely dress like Santa Claus at my school" said Roshan happily. The old Santa gave his Santa cap to Roshan as a gift and wished him "Merry Christmas Roshan!"

    "Call me little Santa!" exclaimed Roshan. He also added "Santa! Your positive words are my best Christmas gift when compared to this Santa cap" and kissed gently on Santa's face. The happiness in Roshan's face brought happiness to Santa.

    With the Santa cap on head and positive words on heart, Roshan left the church happily.

    Entry for Christmas- creative story writing contest
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    A well-written story. The student is not able to express his feelings properly to the teacher and the teacher is also not able to convince the boy instead she ordered which has created more negativity in the mind of the boy But in the church when the old man who is able convince the boy brought a positive temperament in the boy which will help him to perform well. A very nicely explained story.
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    Another good entry related to the life of teenager.The author has nicely brought out the issues faced by children who are chubby. Such children were often ridiculed and a target for others to have a laugh. We can see such teenagers sulking around and staying the periphery of a group or a class interacting only when it is necessary. All it took is a few words of encouragement by a wise old man. Parents and teachers around such kids at school should learn to interact and try and make these kids life more happier at schools or hostel. Of course, it goes without saying that parents should also watch their children's diet weight so that they don't become obese.

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