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    Contest results should be clear and transparent

    ISC and Members,
    This thread is to request the ISC admin to have transparency in contest results. Many a time ISC conducts contests, wherein the answer is only one. (Take the example of recently concluded GTA contest where the topic is one, author is one, with definite answers). Such answers, when submitted to the contest author's e-mail ID, should be evaluated, and the entire answer sheet should be published for the members view after the declaration of the results. It won't harm the ISC or the member. Instead, help the members to know where they went wrong. All participants will have a fair chance to know how they faired in the contest. Calling the participants to send their answers to the mail ID is only to ensure the members to think on their own.

    I would like to know - how it will affect if the answer sheet of the participants is made public.

    Members may post their comments, and ISC may explain.
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    When there is no grievance raised by participating members what is the need to publish the answers. You are also conducting many contest getting answers to your e mail id. Do you publish them exactly as received by you?

    The world thrives on mutual faith.
    Moreover in the referred contest, most participants, including yourself, themselves came and expressed how they fared by comparing the answers announced. No one disputed it later. That proves that things were all right.

    In any contest, the conductors have certain rights to take decisions. Even in the contests you conduct you take certain rights and decisions either on rules or on answers. Participants have to accede to them.

    We are concerned only on whether any error in evaluation happened. When we are convinced nothing like that happened, what right we have got in intruding into other's matter? Prodding and poking everything will only spoil the purpose and intent, real fun and entertainment.

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    Normally ISC activities are more transparent and there is no room for any complaint. For the contest also there has been step by step announcement from the Managing editor and thus there cannot be any room for complaint. However the suggestion made by the author is worth implementing to prevent any room for doubts. And that decision can come from the administration if there were over whelming response in the favour the author's suggestion. Just wait what the other members want to say and then the ISC can have the reason to implement or reject
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel ISC is transparent and there appears to be no bias on any issue. If a particular of the author is good they are giving CC. At the same time when the same author's post differs in the policies of ISC that post will be deleted. The decision is purely on the merits of the post but nothing else. This what I understood with my journey on this site for the last one year. As such members should not be so particular about announcing answers of all the authors. All the participants know their answers and the results along with the marks got were announced. SO I feel we need not be so particular in this matter. As expressed by Mohan the ISC administration may take a decision basing on the responses of the members. As far as I am concerned I am not interested in seeing all the answers of all the participants.
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    Whenever I organise a contest, I always keep myself clear leaving no room for complaint. In contests where firm and fixed answers to be posted, the evaluator cannot make a mistake. However, for interest, the answers posted by the participants can be published. It won't affect or harm anyone, either the contest organiser or the participant. If everything is crystal clear, why should one fear to publish the answer sheet. This will enable the participants to realise and understand their mistake as to where they went wrong with the answer.

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    I feel the rules have been clear and transparent. Recently, I missed a deadline and wanted to contribute another chapter but the ME was clear, it would be against the rules and hence not acceptable. The guidelines and the rules are clearly mentioned. I think it was also mentioned about the time needed for the answers to be analysed and results to be declared. On a site like ISC somethings have to be accepted at face value. Asking for the answer sheet to be published would be taking it too far. We can ask for explanations but we cannot question the integrity with which these contests are held. Obviously, if some participant has found an error or a discrepancy then they can, by all means, approach the ME or the editorial team for clarifications. I personally do not pay much attention to these contests, if I participate in my free time it's good, if I win I would be happy, if I'm busy I let it go past, but I would not let things take a serious turn.

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    You all have mistaken my request. We are here, not to earn much but to learn much. It would be interesting if the answer sheets of such firm answer questions are displayed for our view . It is not the question of doubting the integrity of the contest author. It is of sheer interest to know how we all have done in the contest. Of course, the contest author will have to take little pain and spare little time to type and display. If ISC feels it wrong, let them go on their way. I have nothing much to say.

    I never complained that the contest rules are not clear and transparent. I said the declaration of result should be clear and transparent which will make the participants more and more happy by seeing the answer sheet of the participants by knowing how they answered in the contest by comparison.

    I know, if the participants were asked to grade someone, and if it was made public after the contest, it would create ill feeling between the members. But the answers to a contest won't create any ill feeling.
    GTA 1 & GTA 2 answer sheet can be published, whereas, GTA "Surprize"(grading of the authors) should not be published.

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    Venkiteswaran, you might have got CC because as always you talk supporting of ISC but that does not mean that one can't put their words forwards. You are satisfied does not mean others are too. Please stop expecting members to behave as you do. There is nothing wrong if the result is become open, in fact it will make ISC more transparent. Yes, the decision of the contest maker should be final and should be respected to everyone but if the contests are made honestly and transparently there should not be any reluctant to show the final result.

    I am surprised now and wonder that the CC providing method to Venkiteswaran is by default or the ISC pour their love only to him in CC mode? After every 3-4th post or thread he gets CC, I am surprised if any other member having such privilege? There is no doubt about his knowledge, experience or the way he put his words in open but that doesn't mean he should be taken above other members always and every time as per the wish of ISC editor.

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    #619855@Mr.SuN. thanks for the clarifications, the thread sounded like that, maybe I just misinterpreted it.

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    (Deleted by author. Please see response below)

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    I thank Jeets for his post no #619916 for the following three points.

    1. I am happy that one of my well wishers is taking care of my cash credits. In fact I have never taken pains to verify about these. I had mentioned that fact in some contexts also. Jeets has shaken me from my lethargy in that regard at least for time being.
    2. I thank him for praising me as a ' knowledgeable member' but keeping my own doubts whether I deserve that much praise.
    3. I appreciate his frankness. Usually people hide their real feelings about others. It is nice that he has come up with his feeling about me. I am actually indebted to him in proving my wish I placed in the thread " will you be remembered". There I concluded stating that "It would be realistic and I would be happy if it is a fair mixture of appreciation and criticism, with positive higher than the negative.". I am satisfied that I am a 'real person' with supporters and criticisers.

    I also wish to add something more good about Jeets in appreciation:
    Let me recall with due appreciation that Jeets was an author-cum-participant-cum-winner in the GTA contest -2016held in September2016. Thankfully there was no dispute from any member .No member thought to doubt the conduct of the contest and took it in good faith.

    Regarding the allegation or assumption by Jeets that ISC is 'pouring cash credits' to me, I would rather base my reasoning on facts. I am attaching a table where I had tabulated the cash credit received by me and Jeets in the forum section during the last 12 months .

    I would have been flattered if what Jeets alleged was true. Unfortunately data says something different
    The data reveals that when Jeets contribution and participation is there in the forum, I get less cash credit and he gets more. So it may be alleged that between me and Jeets ISC has preference for Jeets.

    No,No,No. I will not allege anything. I have never and never will complain or allege any thing. I know that ISC rewards quality. I have faith in ISC, I have faith in ISC members.

    Let us always bear in mind that whenever we point out at some one only one finger points at that person, three are point towards us.

    I thank Jeets forgiving me an opportunity to review my cash credits at least now after more than six years of joining ISC, though in that I had to spend more time than my usual active time in ISC.


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    You have taken the thread off the track. It is about the transparency of contest results, not the CC earned by members. Venkiteswaran did not talk about CC in this thread. Please think well before you post your responses, especially in the threads of other authors. Please avoid getting into attack mode.

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