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    KBH will be ON soon with the available members

    Refer this thread . The much interested/awaited KBH (Kaun Banegaa Haathi) contest will be ON during January. The following members volunteered to participate:
    1. Neethu
    2. Partha
    3. Natarajan
    4. Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao
    5. Aditya Mohan
    6. Pramilakabahi

    The above 6 members are requested to prepare 10 each tough questions(that cannot be browsed through the net) with four answers including the correct answer, and sent it to my e-mail ID '' by 31 December 2017. And post a message in this thread about your compliance.

    More members are welcome to participate. They too can show their willingness in this thread and comply with my directive.

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    Earlier in the month of November this year, you announced a contest named KBC. The six persona mentioned by you responded. But now you are calling it KBH. KBC full farm you have not mentioned. But you made KBH as KBH Kaun Banegaa Haath. Why is it so? What is KBC? Why KBC has become KBH. Can you please make us understand the same.
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    Dr. Rao,
    The KBC and KBH pattern is same. As I cannot make someone a crorepathi or lakhpathi, I intend to make them Haathi virtually for fun and joy. The members will be made to grow from small to big. From a mosquito.. a.butterfly... a sparrow... an eagle.....a deer.....a horse....... .bear...... a tiger....a lion.... and at last an elephant.

    Earlier in April 2014, I conducted KBC(KBLS) Kaun Banegaa Lucky Star successfully. The same will be followed differently with some modification

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    Dear All,
    Please Click Here to have a view as to how the previous KBLS( Kaun Banegaa Lucky Star) contest was conducted by me. This KBH (Kaun Banegaa Haathi) will also be conducted in line with KBLS with little modification.

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    I forgot about this Mr.SuN, glad that you posted this reminder. Is there any restriction on the topic or can any contributor choose whatever topic he or she wants? The KBLS is more than three years old, people would take some time to understand this. I've read through it, the instructions are clear in the long detailed thread. Nice concept, you literally have a seat for the contestant. Eager to see the game, KBH- Haathi sounds a bit cheeky, can we call it Hero or something different.

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    What topics are to be covered? Should they be our country-specific or anything under the sky? I feel there should be a condition that they are general in nature.
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    Dr. Rao,
    The topic should be of general interest. Politics, society, cinema, entertainment, arithmatic, general science, Indian history, epics etc would meet the requirement.

    @ Natarajan,
    It will be a fun KBC ( KBH )to see us growing in steps from a small mosquito to a big Elephant.

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