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    Imagine if the Kingdoms are revived again. What will be the fate of the politicians and parties ?

    Imagine the scenario of rule by Kings like in bygone eras. How would the current type of politicians fit in? Share your thoughts here.

    We all know that prior to Independence, India was ruled by Kings and the areas were demarcated as Kingdoms or Rajwadas and most of the Kings were king of Kings and thus ruled more than one state of this era. It was read in the history that Kings were capable and they ruled their Kingdom without grievances and there were no problems among the public. Now we hear lots of regional imbalance and complaints against Union government not helping state governments to develop. Just imagine if the Kingdoms were revived again, what would be the fate of present politicians and parties.
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    Do you think that the present style of functionality of the so called people in power is inferior to the Kings?

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    Kings were Kings and the present rulers cannot even match. They used to go in disguise in to the deep areas would know how the governance were made and people got benefited. Do we have such visits now ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We fought for freedom from a foreign King' s rule for years and became an independent country. We decided to have a democratic form government for our country. We can decide what type of government we need, who are all to be brought to the power, what policies we should follow, etc. We elect our rulers giving every citizen an equal right to take part in that. But we are selecting only human beings who have all the plusses and minuses similar to each one of us. Hence among different rulers we elect some may be capable or not capable. SomemSome might join politics only to make money and become rich. Country's development may not be an agenda for them. They make use of political leadership only with this as the aim.
    Earlier when Kings were ruling we had kings who did much to the people and country. People still remember such Kings. But there were Kings who used this power only for enjoyment. Also those who were close to the King made use of the relationship for their own growth. Now the same thing happen with the richest business people. Because of their money power they control the rulers and get their things done.
    In short the position with power by whatever name one call it will have the same characteristics.


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    The present style of functioning of the governments is nothing different from old kingdoms. This is an old wine in a new bottle. The only difference I see easy the people will elect these kings and every five years people elect them Another difference I see is there are no fights to cross the borders with the states. There is no other difference.
    From the lost 10 years Sonia Gandhi is the President of Congress. Now her son is the president. The party is their kingdom only. Earlier NTR was the king of TDP. Later on, Naidu is the President. That is their kingdom. Now Telangana is the kingdom of KCR. He will hand over the party and the state to his son. So the system of Kings and kingdom will be there forever but only under the tag of democracy. This is the thinking and understanding I have regarding the present day democracy. So we need not worry. Nothing serious will happen if the present system is replaced by kings and kingdom.

    always confident

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    If the Kings has to be revived, what would be the fate of our politicians. Kindly throw light on the that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The present politicians will become the close followers of the King under different names and categories. They will be the connecting links between people and the King. And naturally they will make money and continue to be big guys in the society. People will be approaching these guys for getting their demands sanctioned. Such people will try to see that the people do not reach the King directly.

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    I assume the situation during the time of great kings and their kingdom was very good. And if such a situation starts to happen with the politicians now, the situation would be much worse. People now are very impatient and will not be able to adjust at all. Earlier the kings used to stick to their words and promises. But in today's scenario, no such promises are kept, people will not follow the King's rule even for a day because they know the reality.
    At earlier times, kings used to preserve gold and used to give that to the people who needed it like the poor people. But today, if the greedy politicians even find some of these, they will take away themselves, even if they are in power. Poor will remain poor.
    If they are a really genuine person, then only we can think good, otherwise not at all.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    We are currently following it now also without dignity, many politicians behave as if they are rulers and the area under their jurisdiction is their kingdom. If at all Kings and Kingdoms existed today, the political parties will have their alliances to the Kings based on the personal benefits they can reap. Some would have become members of the King's advisory circle of ministers and serve loyally or become a spy for the opposite Kings. There are many parallels between Kings and the top politicians, Kingdoms and the states in which the ruling party is strong. The concept of a good Kingdom depends on the good King at the helm of affairs, he can do good to the people, safeguard the Kingdom, ensure trade and economy to grow and have a vision of the future of his Kingdom. Similarly, if we have a good leader of a party in power, he or she can do all this and much more in the modern way.

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