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    Global love for four South American gentlemen

    It was in 15th century. Portuguese starring pouring into the New World. Incan plateaus attracted their attention. Four sombre gentlemen of Andes caught their eye.
    Each one of these gentlemen possessed a uniqueness.
    Potato, the gentleman from underground. This gentleman will soon be the most loved person in the world. Because he was so versatile. He went with everything perfectly.
    Tapioca is the second gentleman. He was rich. Super rich. In starch. In graininess.
    Pineapple, the third gentleman, will one day overthrow the king of the fruits. This gentleman was born to rule with a crown upon his head.
    Tomato, a gentleman loved as much as potato, he made everything better.

    Such were the South American Gentlemen. Potato, a leader from all perspectives, a fine specimen who was well adapted to his surroundings. His versatility, richness in fat, protein, carbohydrates and nutrients earned him an unerasable fame.
    Tapioca/ Sabudana , though was welcomed by Europeans, is widely used in India.
    It's so rich in starch and protein but it is called as Poor man's rice here.
    Pineapple. An irresistible beauty. Adorned itself in a regal fashion, it had already declared it's immortality because world is addicted to it's sweetness. Probably the sweetest of the four gentlemen.
    Tomato. The most caring gentleman. He enhances the qualities of other gentlemen.

    Such is the tale of the four sombre gentlemen from South America who hold the world under their feet today.
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    Potato is a very common food all over the world. That is ruling the whole world. Sabudana is a very well known poor man's rice in our country. Pineapple is a very tasty item and loved by many. The fourth one is tomato really a good companion to all the vegetables and it adds flavour to all other companions. A good post. Nice to read
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    Aditya's thread leads me to my memoirs.
    During my school days, we were yearning for Tomatoes, potatoes and Onions. They were not locally cultivated. In my place there was one woman who used to bring from Tamil Nadu once in a while. But when we used to get it , it would have lost its freshness. Still, the dishes mad with them used to be very tasty for us. The tomatoes used to be the flat variety and used to be tasting good to eat straight as fruit. Now probably not a day is there without using at least one among the three in some way.

    While the above three were very rare, Tapioca was easily available and was cheap. It used to be the main item on some days to fill stomach. This made me believe that Tapioca as a local origin item and the other three were 'foreign'. I was much later that I knew Tapioca was not of Kerala origin, and that sago, vermicelli and even starch were manufactured from Tapioca, and these were made in Tamil Nadu. (The story how it was brought and made popular in Kerala can be topic of another interesting thread)

    Pineapple used to be grown as a shrub at the fences as the borders around property in villages. The thorns and the fear of snakes kept we children away from the shrubs. But when the fruits ripe we could not resist the aroma and beg our elders to pluck and give to us. The cleaning and cutting was laborious. While some of them tasted sweet for some other variety we had to add sugar.

    All of them- Potato, Tomato,Pineapple and Tapioca- belong to South America is an information refresher to me.

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    Well we have been eating potato, tomato, pine apple and tapioca since many years but never bothered to find out the origins of those items and today we learned about them.
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    Interesting thread with a good presentation. We use potatoes,tomatoes almost daily, with tapioca once in a couple of weeks. I never realized that these have originated from South America. Pineapples were difficult for us to get it earlier, now every fruit shop or supermarket has it, we love to have it as slices with some spice on top on it. Homemade jams from pineapple chunks are also good to taste. Tapioca fried or in the form a payasm is very good to eat.

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    A good information to update our knowldege on vegetables. I feel, the carrot, beetroot and butter beans are also not of Indian origin. Do you have any information related to carrot and beetroot?

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    Types of carrots and beets were available in India too Sun.
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    An interesting way to put general awareness into a form of stories this can be used to remember which vegetable came from where. I think I too will not forget now, from where these 4 gentlemen came and I like all of them for their versatility and qualities which make them blend everywhere but still keeps them unique.
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