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    Do you often forget things?

    Do you have a habit of forgetting most things at a time?
    I have this bad habit. I usually forget a lot of things. It is not good, especially in your professional life. It creates problems especially if you forget things that are really important and has to be done on a specified time. It affects your personal life as well, but you somehow try and make it ok.
    I think people who have weak memory or often forget things should eat almonds for improvement. But I eat a lot, still, that does not help much.
    Sometimes I get bad scoldings also because of this habit, as I have multiple things lined up to be done and I forgot one of the tasks. But since people are aware that I don't do it intentionally, they bear with me too. It feels disappointing also, why does it happen again and again, but what to do?
    Since I have a habit of forgetting things, I usually write that down as a note to myself. Sometimes draft that down as an email and send it to me.
    Do you also have this habit of forgetting things? Do share your views.
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    Yeah I'm quite forgetful. I have a weak memory. I forget my answers. I can't remember things for long too.
    So I write them up somewhere.
    Writing down helps brain to recollect better.
    Then, mnemonics, remembering things like a song. This is a rather better technique.
    People remember the tunes in which a song is sung, so they'll remember the lyrics.
    In the same way our school rhymes are still hiding somewhere in our memories.
    Other technique would be association.
    Associate your word with something similar.
    For an instance if I had to remember a black ice radiator;I'd mentally draw a penguin driving a car.
    This is very effective and the results are immediate.

    There are several such ways to memorize things.

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    I have tremendous memory power, I don't forget past things. Many people have appreciated me for possessing an excellent memory power. But what I easily forget is - The name of the people. Many a time, I forgot the name of my own close relatives. I used to struggle to get their name. What I used to do then? I used to get into the alphabets A to Z to get the start of their first letter of their name. Thus I have always succeeded in getting their right names.

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    There are chances always to forget when we are performing multitasks at one time. So generally what we have to do is we should maintain a small pocketbook. In that book, we should always note down the works to be carried out. Once in a day, we should look into the list. Cyt off the points which are completed and keep the things which are not completed. By doing this we need not strain our brain much by asking to remember many things. By writing down automatically the work will go to our mind and the chances of forgetting are very less. Even we forget also sometimes if we open the book we recollect the same. My memory is good. If I want to remember, I can remember. Certain things I don't want to remember, I will forget those point. The points that are to be remembered will be there always on my mind. Certain things which are happened in my school days I remembered then even today.
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    You are not alone, there are many people like you and me who often forget simple things that are told or conveyed a few hours earlier or at the beginning of the day.I often forget to take my wallet or change or the metro travel card when leaving home. People who have told me to buy something over the phone and by the end of the day it would have slipped my mind. I don't think is the issue with memory, it's just the way some people are. While doing multiple jobs or while needing to focus a lot on issues that crop up at work or targets to be met, we tend to forget simple things.If it's important, I get a reminder from home or I scribble it on a small paper and keep it with me. There are many suggestions people have given me right for staring at a lighted candle for a few minutes to focus and improve my memory,It hasn't worked. let's see what ideas other members have to improve our memory.

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    Those who are having sleep disorders often forget the things. If you sleep for six to eight hours without any disturbance, your memory power would be great and wont forget anything that was stored.
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    Forgetting or loss of memory is something causing problems to me very often. Of course as an aged person I cannot expect to have memory power as I was having earlier. But sometimes this has become problematic. For example two days back my wife was removing all papers from my small suitcase for giving the same to another person temporarily. She got a cover containg some currency notes also from that. She handed over the same to me.
    Then I first I put the same in another hand bag. But immediately I thought it will be better to keep it in some other place, may be within some books, so that a third will not expect the same there. This thought came to me because for the last two three days in our place reports of house robbery are highly discussed and the police vigil has increased. Residence associations here are joining hands with police for might patrol. We keep all the lights outside the house on. Between 2.00 and 4.00 a.m. we try to remain vigil without sleep as instructed by the police.Under this background only I decided to keep the cover containg cash in an un-noticed book. But now I could not recollect the book or place where the cover is hidden !
    This type of memory loss has become a problem for me. Almost the same is the case with my wife, who also nearing seventy.


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    I used to feel proud of my photographic memory power in my young days. That used to help me in my exams. While in job, I could remember just like a photo print,from morning till end the pages of some very important books and documents which I had gone through in the morning. I could also remember person with their names for long, even if I had only a short interaction with them.

    As I have passed the middle agents and starting my sites, slowly I feel that my memory power also shows age withering. Last week I found it very difficult and traumatising when I could not recall the name of a colleague with whom I worked for about three years. I could remember the person well, but lot of names came and went by not clicked as right. As I was feeling very bad about that, I messaged another old colleague and got the name.Then only I felt peaceful.

    When I go to market sometimes I forget at least one thing out of five which my wife told me to get.

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    Forgetting things are common and high in old age persons. Many of us searching for things by forgetting the place they placed earlier. To avoid this, we, all in our house, keeping the taken things in the same place after using and we practiced ourselves and trained our children also in this way.

    One of our colleague who was a stenographer keeps her pen and pencil with holder on her neck by linked with a small ribbon to avoid searching in urgency.

    one person gone to the doctor for treating his absence of mind. He explained everything to the doctor. The doctor asked him,'okey, when from you are having this trouble?' The patient,'Which trouble doctor?"

    I saw one person searching for his spectacles for one hour by keeping the same over his head.

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