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    Let us rewind 2017 and see how we made it.

    As the new year 2018 is approaching us, let us all sit together and rewind the year of 2017 and recollect some good, bad, exciting, lovable and awesome moments of our life.
    Be it our progress at some point, be it if you had problems at a time, how you were able to make it?

    For me, 2017 has been a good year of learning. From a professional point of view, after facing through not a very good rating and making progress continually, I got promoted was able to receive some good rewards. So, I find that a happy and progressive point. Personal life also went well. Every single life instance takes to you another level of a mature person I learned.
    I started up on writing, this was an unthinkable thought that happened to me and the most wonderful thought ever I can say. I created my blog, then came up here on ISC, got some good earnings, felt happy on that. Learnt here a lot. Had to face some issues also in between but I got to understood the rules and continued back again with my writing process. So, in conclusion, it was a great year, also to add I wanted to and did start up my own dance classes, after thinking long. That gave a full moment of joy.
    How about your this year? Do share your views.
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    The year 2017 is proved to be a good year for me so far. I got a very good promotion in my life as a grandfather. My elder son has become a father to a girl child. This aspect has brought a happy time for our entire family. This year is happened to be the 100th year for my grandfather who is no more now (My mother's father). We have celebrated in a different way in our native place by offering lunch to some 25 poor people in our village. We have offered them clothes, blankets and fruits on that day. We have donated some money to a cow protection society in our village. My grandfather encouraged me in my childhood in my studies. I am able to get my highest academic qualification because of his encouragement only. I was working in an Organisation wherein lot of risk is involved and I used to be having a lot of tension in that job. In this year I joined in a job which is more technical in nature and a lot of scopes to show my talent. So far I am doing good in this job. Thus in this year, I have a very good experience and happiness. I hope I will have a similar year in 2018 also.
    always confident

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    Nice way to wind down the last few days of a the year. One of my teachers used to encourage us to write down like a short essay what went well and what went wrong in the year with focus on happiness, achievements big and small. He still does it but I've stopped doing it. This tread reminds me of him. As any year, this year also brought its ups and downs. We've had few joyful occasions on which the families go together and had a good time. We had a birthday with a difference for our son and had a wonderful time with 4 short breaks. Personal achievements were made and children have certainly grown up faster.They make us realize how fast time flies by. We've had a few life changing career decisions and are now going along well. Thanks for our family and the Almighty, we have had another year successfully going by with many good memories to treasure. This year I will start writing my annual summary of life in 2017 as my teacher does.

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    Nice replies so far.
    I will be happy if other members are also able to look back and see how they made this year and how they progressed in 2017. It would be nice to recall our thoughts once.

    Do what inspires you !!

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