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    Santa’s cap was saviour on the Day

    [This story wins the joint second prize for the Christmas creative writing story contest]

    The only bank of the town was very crowded. Many people came to the bank to withdraw money just before Christmas. They were going out and needed money. The bank officials remained busy.

    It was the last leg of nineteen-eighties. People at that time heard the word ''computer'' but most of them didn't see any. The banks used to function manually. So, on that day, the employees were occupied.

    The old Father had been waiting patiently for a long time. Ultimately, he got the money almost at 5 p.m., just before the closure of the bank. He came out. He was going to carry a considerable amount of cash to his Church located at a semi-rural locality, which was infamous for law & order problem.

    Samuel, a bank-employee, also came out. He asked the Father: "Father, you have been late. How would you go the Church tonight?'' Father replied: ''My son, tomorrow is Christmas. I have to reach the Church tonight itself'. Samuel said: ''But Father, you know Makdumpur is not a good area. You are carrying a large amount of cash. It is not at all safe''. Father said: ''Son, I need your help.''

    Samuel took the Father to his residence. After fifteen minutes, Santa Claus emerged from his residence in usual attire with a bag in his hand. Samuel dropped Santa at the bus-stop. The bus for Makdumpur arrived. Santa took the bus.

    It was well past nine. The bus reached Makdumpur. The place was almost deserted. Santa got down from the bus. He started moving hurriedly towards the Church.

    Those three were waiting patiently. They knew that the Father would return that day itself. They knew that the Father would bring a good sum from the bank. The Church would distribute sweets and clothes to the poor people next day. There would be other festivities in the Church. All these require large cash. So, they waited.

    Budhan said: ''No, he would not return tonight. Let's go home.'' Rashid also supported him. But John said: "Wait till the last bus comes. I know that he would definitely return''. Just then the three ruffians saw Santa. Budhan and Rashid were confused, but John said: "He is the Father in Santa's attire. Just see the bag. Let's take it''.

    In the lonely stretch of the road, they waylaid the Father. They hit him on his shoulder with a rod. Father fell down. They took the bag. Fortunately, the tea-seller at the bus-stop was also returning closing his kiosk. Hearing the bell of his cycle, the three ruffians fled from the spot taking the bag.

    The tea-seller got down from his cycle and somehow managed to take the Father to the Church. When other people of the Church was talking about the loss of cash, old Father got up with difficulty, removed the cap and took out wads of notes stuck in his wig with sticking plaster.

    Santa's cap was the saviour on the Special Day.

    (Competition entry for Santa's Cap)
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    Yet another good try from the author and this time taking the help of Santa cap and the contents were really new and enriching with knowledge. Seems to be strong contender for the award.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very good attempt by the author in narrating the story. The father is intelligent enough to see that the money will not be in the bag. He kept the money in the cap where nobody will suspect. A good idea and well done. The purpose is served. But the only doubt I got is if the Father is carrying the money just one night before only. How are sweets and clothes will come by the next day?
    always confident

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    Very nice retro setting for Christmas in the early day of carrying cash. A simple story of good vs bad, people robbing people and people helping people both in the same page. A practical idea of carrying cash in the hat and the thieves couldn't find it. Makes me wonder, in real life are the priests of any faith really safe in outlying areas in their places of workship?

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    A really Nice story about Santa's cap and wise old father who saved the right of the people for whom charity was given to the church and also relates to the day to day happening in our country.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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