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    Before going to celebrate any festival, are you knowing the well being of your neighbours ?

    In a colony or apartment there are different kinds of people residing and even from different communities. We should have the courtesy to inquire how our neighbours doing and about their well being before starting our festive preparations. Why because we cannot enjoy when others are suffering for varied reasons. As far as possible help them first and then prepare to enjoy your own celebrations. That would be great courtesy and that shall be remembered by the neighbours even if they happen to be hostile at many times.
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    One man's joy is other man's suffering, joy and sufferings visit families at different occasions. As long as we do not intrude or be insensitive to people, we can carry on with our celebrations. If the neighbours are good with interacting with people around them, we can visit them, extend our sympathies and offer our help and come back. We should not be sad or happy based on others but only our behaviour should be appropriate when people are around us. In an apartment complex, we should not have a pompous celebration with loud music and crackers when someone next door has just suffered a tragic loss. Children love the festival and look forward to the celebrations, so, when adults show a little restriction in their festivities out of respect for the neighbours, the children can be allowed to enjoy themselves, if situation permits, we can invite the children of the neighbours to our home to ease the pressure.

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    When a celebration is planned in one's home It is unlikely that one will look into the well being of the neighbourhood. At the same time most of the neighbours will be invited to participate in the function and have food together. Other than that what way one can look into their well beings. Good neighbourhood will be moving together sharing their good and bad problems.

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    This depends on the attitude of the neighbours. We will be seeing different types of people around us. All are not similar. Some people will socialise more and some people will be selective about friendship and some people never mingle with anybody. Basing on the other's way we will also try to behave in the same fashion. I have a neighbour. They constructed the house after my house. When he was constructing the house I tried to smile at him and talked to him, but he never cared for it. Then I stopped talking to him. There is another neighbour who wants to maintain good relations with the neighbour. I heard once that he was suffering from fever. I have gone to him, enquired about his health and wished him a speedy recovery. He always reciprocates our good gestures. So we have become good friends. We will be maintaining a good rapport with him. So whether we will be good with our neighbours or not will depend on the other person behaviour also.
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    Normally whenever festivals or functions celebrated in our house, we used to call the neighbors,irrespective of religion or caste, to share with us and if they do not come we used to send the sweets or special preparations of the festival to them. It becomes good from my mother's view to offer our preparations to them as it may be a new to them. On the day of Arudhra Dharshan, Pooja day for Lord Shiva, we used to prepare a sweet dish called 'Kali' made of broken raw rice and jaggary with ghee. For this the side dish is a special sambar with more than 21 vegetables. As our house has many members, we used to prepare in big quantity every year. One year, a friend of my aunty came to our house with her aged mother to see us, as they are Vishnavites, they did not aware of that festival. My mother as usually offered the kali with sambar, they ate with much interest and appreciation. Every year on that day we used to remember them.
    In big cities it is difficult to mingle with them as many of the houses they keep their doors always locked inside.

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