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    In democracy every vote matters the most; so why wafer-thin margin is bad?

    We all know that the Gujarat elections were won by BJP and there must be reason in Modi camp to celebrate. But the real celebrations are in the minds of Congress politicians as they feel that popular bastions of BJP have been eroded and if they work little hard, they could garner those 12 seats which fell short to grab power in Gujarat. So the wining of BJP by wafer-thin margin is considered a no win at all and the media is going gaga over the performance of Congress. Is that so shameful to win with such less margin in elections?
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    In this case, if you see the percentage of votes polled for BJP in this election increased from 47% of last time to 49% this time.This indicates that the percentage of the population supporting BJP is increased. In the same way, the percentage of votes to Congress also increased from 39% to 41%. Another party total tally of the percentage of votes has the comedown. So we should never accept that there is a decrease in the % of votes. Of course, the total seat tally has come down. But a win is a win. There is no doubt about that. The congress unnecessarily thinking they have fared well. let them start their planning and workout, so that they may have a chance of winning 2022. Instead of that this electronic and print media is giving a false information to the society and giving unnecessary importance to unwanted items and trying to create doubts in the minds of the voters.
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    This was expected,many people inclduing members of ISC knew that BJP would win, it was the margin that we all were worried about. Would it be a 'landslide' victory or a comfortable win or just managing to scrape through. Speaking to many, I also felt that the parties underestimated to mood of the voter and the media attention/focus on this election was huge and consistent. Even some of the exit polls were off mark. A win by any margin is better than having to form a coalition government. I think both parties would be happy. BJP for wining and saving their faces in the light of the scrutiny they faced for demonetization, new currency notes, GST and the fact that BJP was a two man show. The Congress would or should also be happy that they have been able to have the respect of the popular predicted winning party and be able to make inroads into the Gujarat seats. I don't think it's a shame to BJP or Mr.Modi, it is a wake up call that reality could have been different and BJP needs to be more careful next time.

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    The opposition parties and the agenda-driven journalists don't want to give any credit to BJP. This is quite natural. They hoped against hope that the people of Gujarat would vote for immature opposition. But their wish has not been fulfilled. Even after so much problem and anti-incumbency, BJP vote percentage has increased.

    The bitter fact is that the opposition parties have lost the touch with common people. The agenda-driven journalists find that people don't bother about their opinion anymore.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The victory was expected in the state which was a strong hold of BJP. But the margin of the victory is so slim that it is not significant. Now, I think the false "vikas" model with only gimmicks has lost its lustre. Some of the media houses were all out in support campaign of the BJP.

    If you see the results, BJP got only 99 seats as compared to 116 seats in 2012 when the PM was the CM of Gujarat. At present the same CM is the PM who had a dream of gaining 150 seats. This dismal performance is after playing all tricks like delaying the announcement of dates of polling, announcing huge bounty of projects including Sardar Dam, Bullet train and many, appointing half of the central government cabinet for campaigning and the long presence of the PM throughout the polling campaign. All these were the reasons why this election drew attention of the country.

    If you see the social and educational parameters, Gujarat is lagging even after 22 years of continuous rule of the BJP in the state. Please see the rural and urban pattern of voting, BJP got seats only in urban areas. There is a discontent in peasants, youths and backward communities. There is unemployment in almost all sectors of economy in the state.

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