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    Santa's Cap and Mark: Power of belief

    Mark, a playful 8-year-old, was very happy that it was Christmas time. He helped to put up decorations and even chose the Christmas tree. But, Mark had a little sad secret, his best friend John couldn't celebrate Christmas as he was in and out of hospitals with cancer. John's parents were disheartened and almost given up hope. He could always see tears in their eyes.

    As the day drew nearby, his favourite Chruch pastor dropped home. Mark quietly asked ' Father, do you think Santa Claus is real and kind ?', If I sincerely believe HIM, will he grant my wish? The intrigued Father, being a holy man realised that the little soul had a burden to share but admired his courage to keep it a secret. He said, certainly Mark, if you deserve it, Santa will make your wishes come true.

    As the midnight chimes rang, Mark sat near the chimney, as if by magic, Santa came down and was surprised to see Mark waiting for him. You are an eager beaver, aren't you? Santa said laughing and gave Mark his present.

    Mark's answer stunned Santa and he sat down in the armchair stoking his white beard with snowflakes. Mark had just said, Dear Santa, these presents mean nothing, I can't bear to see John and his parents, some say he may not be around for next Christmas, Can you help him?. Santa was moved by the child's innocence and maturity. Son, I'm extremely busy now but I'll give you my CAP, this can do wonders provided, you believe and have faith in me, said Santa.

    Closing his eyes, Mark took the Cap and said, Father Santa, I'll believe in you more than ever before. When he opened his eyes, he was alone but had a Red Cap that was glimmering. Next day morning, he woke up early, got ready and quietly slipped out of his home and ran to John's house.

    John's mother hugged him and took him to her son's bedroom. Mark quickly took the magical Cap and put it on John's head, it was a perfect fit. Mark asked John's parents, do you both trust in God?, If you really do come and pray for John's well-being. Stunned, the parents sincerely prayed along with him. Mark later collected the cap, wished John and his family Merry Christmas and ran back home.

    He hid the cap in his secret place, closed his eyes and said, Santa, I've kept my promise, please keep yours. Three weeks later John and his parents visited Mark's family. Mark was happy to see John looking radiant. John's doctors we puzzled because his cancer had disappeared and were at a loss to explain it. John's mother hugged Mark and said what did you do? Smiling, Mark said, I just believed in the true spirit of Christmas rather than the decorations and gifts, So did you. I think we all should.

    My entry for the Santa Cap competition
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    A good story which proves that belief in God and praying God is the ultimate for our well being. If you have belief in HIM and if you pray HIM sincerely, he will show you the miracles. There is nothing impossible for him. The boy believed the GOD and prayed him for the well being of his friend and GOD responded positively. A well-written story. If there is no belief it is waste to go to the place of worship. Have belief and Pray. God will respond positively.
    always confident

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