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    Awards for the longest title - sorry, we have none

    How many of you have observed this phenomenon: In recent weeks, it looks like everyone is competing to put in the l-o-n-g-e-s-t title for forum threads. May I please request that you curb your enthusiasm to stuff as many words as possible in the box provided for the title!

    Simply because that box is large does not mean you need to put a dozen or more words in it. Some of the titles are even petering out as incomplete sentences. It makes for tedious reading to look at needlessly long titles & sort of takes away the interest in the text that is below the title.

    So let's give words some breathing space in that box, shall we, and restrict ourselves to, ideally, 7 or 8 words. Make the title as crisp as crunchy potato chips and as concise as the ingredients put into a dish. Don't get carried away trying to serve the entire meal at one go.

    (and, yes, I've got carried away, too, a couple of times!)
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    I try to make my title short but interesting. But I have almost forgotten what I learnt in my journalism classes, where I was repeatedly told to give such title which should be short but forces reluctant readers to read the article. Sometime my titles become very long.
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    If I need more words to fit and make it sense for the readers, I will not hesitate to put a long title. One can try to keep short the title but is should not be forced.

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    Who says it is being forced? This thread has been posted in the suggestions category and I have clearly conveyed it as a request. Short titles can also make sense to readers and, in fact, can be an effective magnet drawing members to the thread.

    Just have a look at the first page of the forum. Titles are spilling over into a second line. If we restrict the words in our titles, then surely we will make space for more threads on the front line.

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    I think, we the members of the forum should this as a constructive criticism. 1.Why don't the ME/admin team restrict the forum titles to maximum 8 words. OR 2. The ME can have the authority to shorten the title. I try to keep it short, it is easy to be passionate about our thread and get carried away and we are formatting the thread text in our minds and typing in the forum boxes. I just checked the forum front page. Yes, titles are spilling out. Thanks for the update, will bear in mind.

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    I said it. The way you are trying to "request" the member, it clearly shows the intention.

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    It is always better to have a crisp and small title. If it is a necessity only we should keep longer titles. I agree with that. But sometimes to make the heading meaning full we may have to go for a longer title. Anyhow it is better to see how these titles can be shortened. In fact, short titles will give a lot of interest in the readers.
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    Why do we have extra intelligent editors at ISC? Can't they find the extra length and cut it short, if the members mean it with their length? We cannot go out of the box provided. At times short titles may not work to attract the readers.

    Anyway, I will try to comply with your request, although I don't go for long or longest titles.

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    Yes, forum editors can do the needful tuning when perusing threads to add points & cc and add a summary but it would be nice if members themselves take the initiative to keep the title short. You see, you will thus be utilizing the forum as a learning platform to improve writing and SEO skills.

    I repeat: This thread is a suggestion-cum-request because it will give space to more threads on the first page. Additionally, note that shorter titles are good for SEO and more likely to get good traffic as once Tony Sir had advised. It is unfortunate that the good intention of this thread is not being understood by some members.

    I'll do one thing. I will shorten the two-line titles tomorrow to give an indication how they can still convey what the thread is about. Then perhaps you will have a better understanding of my suggestion.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Managing editor of ISC, MS Vandana, Yes I did't agree with your view the way you have brought it out, it is just mocking to members. You could have straight way coming to say this without having a taunting title. Also, I have seen what you "request" to the members, you do the same mistake later. Hope, this time you can take a note of it.

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    I think Google accepts the first title only. Any changes made to the title thereafter is not effective. Am I correct?. If I am right, members should not think of altering or editing the titles, and should not think of editors doing the job.

    Members should spare their time to think and post a short title in the first post itself. Before clicking the 'Submit Response' button, members should raise a question - Is my title short and conveys the meaning?

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    In this site, extra short titles for the thread are not accepting by the system saying title is too short, unable to post. In same fashion, system should be in such a way that extra-long titles are also not to be accepted. This is what my suggestion.

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    What I feel that the length of the title must be left to the discretion of the authors concerned as for some small title would suffice but for many lengthy title would give them the chance to make understand the thread better. By the way when the provision is there for hoisting detailed title, then why should be shorten them. For me I can also give shorter titles,, but that wont attract the attention of the members or the netizens. For me detailed title would be important to bring more understanding and traffic to the site.
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    I was just looking up on any help on how to frame a title. There's a lot of focus on first conveying the message of the article/essay ( in our case forum thread), then comes brevity. Interested members can browse the two good write-ups on titles.

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    I too wonder now. Why cut short the title length if a box is provided with exact length? When ISC cannot accept short titles (gives a warning - title is too short), why should it accept long titles. Let ISC control the titles by a warning as it does it for very short titles -Title is too long. cut it short..

    I don't think ME's suggestion is worth to follow.

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    The thread Author saying long titles make tedious reading and suggesting titles should be crisp and crunchy. Is not that worth following?
    I can say that titles should be crisp and crunchy, and then it will become catchy, attractive and beautiful like Bollywood's Deepika Padukone!

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