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    Are Electronic Voting Machines fool proof?

    With the recently concluded elections, the citizens of India have been using the EVM (electronic voting machines) with good success and avoiding a long paper trail. It has certainly simplified the election process, the storage and security and the counting of ballots.

    However, both BJP and Congress (in the recent elections) have raised issues that EVMs are not foolproof and place calls to bring back the traditional paper ballot boxes. It is felt that EVMs can be tampered and the choices changed using technology like how hackers get into our computers.

    Event he present Karnataka government, ahead of the upcoming elections, has also placed a call for paper ballots rather than EVMs.

    Knowledgeable members who are familiar with the election process please comment.
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    After the last general elections, there was a big discussion about the performance of these EVMs. These are manufactured by a public sector company, M/S Electronic Corporation of India. They electronics engineers from the company made a public statement saying that manipulating EVMs is not possible and there is no chance for malfunctioning of these machines. Generally, these electronic equipment malfunctioning chances are very less. Even the electronic measuring equipment which is used in many laboratories are also very similar. Either they function or they are discarded. But there is no chance of malfunctioning. In our country, it is a normal practice to see some or other reason to support their stand. The losing party will always some unfair practice. It is a waste of paper if we go for manual paper ballot papers like earlier.
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    If I go with the current TV news, it is said that recently in the past "election commission of India" has challenged all the party to find any defect in EVM. As per the news, no party went to check it out. Politicians nowadays has made a culture to blame EVM after their defeats. However, I only wonder that why no one talk about it before election? If at all it needed to improve or change, why can't all the political party works on it together?

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