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    Be focused, be successful in life

    Every one of us will be having many goals and targets. We all want to be successful in our life. We never want to be a loser. So if we want to be successful in our life we should be focused on the subject. We should sincerely attempt the task with a positive bent of mind and we shouldn't get distracted by unwanted things. Some people plan the things but not follow the plan correctly and go on changing their plan. Many times it happens if you are not focussed on your approach. We may be doing multiple tasks daily but we should focus on the work on hand and then go for the other. If you are working on a task but thinking about another task, you can't do justice to any one of the two. So when you are doing a task keep focused on that and complete the work. Then you will become a successful man in the life.
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    Yes, a Target Orient Plan (TOP) and staying focused on it would surely make you successful in your career. The author has made a good suggestion through this thread to younger lot. The three Ds - Discipline, Dedication and Determination would be the key formulae for anyone's success.

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    To be a achiever there must be definite goal, principles must be followed and no compromise on that, explore every challenge as the stepping stone to success and thus achieve the ultimate goal. For any goal in life we must have the right focus, determination, which must be coupled with dedication and devotion. Those who had 100 percent faith on their teachers, they learned good lessons and their performances were also far superior than others and that implies that their focus on the subject was apt and the perseverance was cent percent and thus achieved the target with ease.
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    There are but 24 hours in a day, successful people find the time and unsuccessful people complain about lack of time. People who fail in their ventures and life, in general, are either resigned to their fate or complain about lack of chances, lack of money, lack of luck and lucky breaks. But people who are successful are always focussed on their path with a definite time plan in mind. They also put in their hard work and effort so that they are prepared to take chances that come their way. If changes don't come by they go looking for it as their main focus is on reaching their goals in life. To be focussed is a blessing in disguise as the thoughts, ideas, energy and resources are all channelled in one specific path without wasting time or losing interest in the tasks at hand. Once we have the basic qualities of a successful person, then its down to being focused enough to bring together all the entities to result in a win.

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