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    A nap on my mother's lap

    I usually find it hard to wake up immediately after my alarm goes off, I feel that my sleep is never enough for the day, it feels so incomplete.

    During my childhood days, when my mom used to come, to wake me up for school, I used to make her sit beside me and have a small nap on her lap which would complete my sleep and I would feel so energized for the rest of the day.

    As I grew up, I lost that habit, gradually I forgot about it until today. Today morning, as usual mom came to wake me up for the job, my alarm had not yet rung so I knew it was way too early for me to wake up but I sensed that she was sitting beside me, so I woke up and lay down on her lap. Needless to say, it felt so heavenly and as I slept on her lap, she brushed her hand through my hair, to be honest, I felt so good and pampered, just like my childhood days, today I felt like my sleep was complete. It was a very good feeling which I am unable to pen down through words. I woke up within two minutes of sleeping on her lap as I knew that my sleep is complete.

    Truly, mothers touch is always magical irrespective of your age.
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    Only today I came across a bill board stating that " If there is a paradise on earth, then it is the mother's feet" but what I tell that if any one experienced the paradise on earth it is the mother's lap. After reading the content my thoughts went back to my child hood days when I was the pet of my mother and wont leave her even I want to go to school. She has to lift me and take me to the school. And as the evening sets in I shall go to mothers lap for a sure and secured sleep. By the way have you ever watched small children feeling so cozy and comfortable on the mothers lap ?
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    An excellent true fact of life which would certainly bring the good memories we've had as children with our parents. As soon as the child is born, experts assess the baby and gently put the baby on the mother's chest for sometime for the bonding to develop. I think the bond which we share with our mothers would be unique and unforgettable. Remembering my childhood days and seeing my son growing at home I realize that daughters are more closer to their mothers than sons. As boys grow up they tend to have a little distance from their mothers. Our son is in 4th standard and has his own bedroom, but still he loves either one of us to stay with him for a few minutes before going to bed. It would be reading a short story or just sharing his day's funny moments or just patting his head, he sleeps peacefully within no time.

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    A sentimental post which can find resonance in every heart.
    No doubt about mother's affectionate pampering. But, still more precious and to be preserved in mind is the pampering and indulgence by father.
    That is why it is said:
    "Maathru hastena bhojanam
    Pitru hastena laaLanam"
    (Food from the hands of mother and pampering by the hands of father).

    No doubt mother is a unique alarm which if set to remind at seven o' clock, reminds and calls at six o' clock and says it is already eight.

    What is left to give them, other than silent tears, when one's parents are no more? So in order not to regret later, let us keep them in 'the lap of our affection and care' when they are alive.

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    In this world, the association of the child with the mother is more by 9 months than all others. The mother will feel happy when the baby is kicking the mother with the feet. She will be happy that the baby is active inside. Such is the affection of the mother. The mother will be ready to sacrifice her life for the benefit of her wards. Such is the mother's attitude.
    During my education days, My mother used to wake me up in the morning at about 4.30 AM. She was also getting up with me and sitting with me during my studies. She used to ask my sister also to get up but she was taking more time to get up. But I was getting up with just one call. Really It is a great feeling that my mother was also getting up with me and sitting to see that we will read the subjects properly. A mother is always a unique personality who never cares herself for the sake of her children.

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    A very sentimental post which forces everybody to remember his/her mother. I immensely like it.
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    Really nice thread and interesting topic no matter what our age is and what situation we are currently in life. But the comfort which we get on mothers lap reminds us same old days of childhood when we have no tension, fears or responsibility.
    I often ask my mother to oil my hairs and enjoy this comfort as she caresses my hairs and oils them. We are grown up now but still my brother and I fight over who gets to place his/her head on mothers lap when we go home during our holidays.

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