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    BJP Victory: Modi's charisma or Amit Shah's well integrated grassroots level campaign?

    After the election dates were announced for the Gujarat polls, PM Modi was confident that his own state will vote for his development works and he need not toil so hard to win. But as the days passed and Congress fielded Rahul with tight schedule targeting PM Modi and some personal attacks were also made on note ban. Thus PM thought it is wise to campaign for himself otherwise the party may loose or get lesser seats. Thus paved way for a thinner margin win. But party leaders are appreciating Amit Shah for this big success in Gujarat and HP. So what was really the primary factor that resulted in a victory for the BJP?
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    True the planning of Amit Shah at the grass root level helped BJP to win the polls in Gujarat and HP. In fact, Amit Shah tried and seen that the Congress rebel candidates and independents will not withdraw from the contest. This move helped in splitting the opposition votes. This is a very vital point in many constituencies where there is a very thin margin of victory. Anyhow the Modi charisma is always there. But it is very true that a single party coming to the power for 6 consecutive times is not an easy task. We should appreciate both of them for their planning which has brought them the victory.
    The win of Himachal Pradesh is a cake walk where the anti-incumbency factor is very vital there. That is advantage got in HP for BJP. But the same factor has not worked fully for Congress in Gujarat. Personally, I feel the election in 2019 will be similar to Gujarat elections and BJP should plan shrewdly to win the majority.

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    Both Charisma of prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit shah's strategy, and all the grass root level workers working to promote the BJP 's work and campaigning for it. Everyone has his own role to play and contribution in the win of BJP and none of them can be given less importance or biased view.
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    It is a combination of both, Mr.Narendra Modi in the front as the face of the BJP party and Mr.Amith Shah as the man behind the scenes getting the campaign and the party cadres together so the party wins. It was a good tactic by Mr.Modi to quickly pick up on the fact that it would not be as easy as it was first thought with Hardik Patel and Rahu Gandhi joining hands. This and the resentments about demonetization in certain sections made BJP change the strategy with Mr.Modi campaigning hard.
    Now the Gujarat and HP and behind, BJP has to focus on South India starting with Karnataka, once they get a foothold in South India, then it would be a case of good governance and keeping people's issues and nation-building in the forefront to lead for a few years.

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    I think i is just luck that gave the BJP the seven plus sets for ruling the state again.

    There was a strong undercurrent of dissatisfaction and almost a sense of betrayal with the ordinary voters. The Congress part with its 'alignments' was almost able to garner sympathy from the disenchanted section of the voters. However on a last minute thinking some sections especially the urban traders would have thought that 'a bird in hand is better than two in the bush'. In fact that came as a blessing to the Congress too. Had they won the state, then it would not have been easy for them to fulfil all the promises they made hastily to get more seats. Not even in dream they would have thought that they will win this much seats.

    Anyway such small shock treatments are needed to act as checks, when even opposition parties are also not fulfilling their expected responsibility properly.
    I only wish that in a panic reaction the central government does not roll back some good things done for long term good of the nation, just to satisfy vote banks.

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