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    Can you tell when someone is lying?

    During online interactions, are you easily able to gauge when a person is not telling the truth? If yes, then explain how you are able to do so and whether it is easier to do so face to face.

    When you talk with someone face to face, through the gesture or the expression of that person, you can guess that whether he/she is lying or not. However, we cannot say when talking or having a conversation online. Here, you can only read his/her words but not see the face. Again, if you know the person from long and are having conversation regularly, you might have some doubt if he/she is lying. How confident you are to judge them purely based on your experience? Some may find it easily and some not. So, dear members, can you tell when someone lying in front of you being online or face to face?
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    When somebody is talking to us we can see his feelings and we may be able to say whether he is telling facts or not. But telling them openly on the face is very difficult. He will not accept and we can't prove. It will make the association spoil. As such what I do is I say the other person that the discussion is not going in the right direction and I will withdraw from the discussion myself. Then the other person should understand the point.
    But when we talk to other people also we can understand the point is true or not, be basing on the way he is expressing his words. But online there is no way we can understand the correctness of the information given by the other person. I feel I am very confident in assessing the correctness of the statement when I hear him face to face or over the phone but I can't tell the other person about this.

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    There would be some pathological liars who have a professional face that is devoid of emotions based on their needs and requirements at work. It would be difficult to find out whether they are lying or not.

    Rest of the times by and large we can get an idea that someone is lying by observing their reactions, their tone of conservations, unusual movements, atypical replies and unwanted justifications. It is difficult to point how we can find out but subconsciously we would be able to get the obvious feeling that yes this person is lying. There is little gain in confronting such individuals, What I do is just ignore and politely reduce my interaction and make it obvious that I'm aware of the facts. Once there is a change in the way we interact, people perceive the change and link it to their misdeeds.

    The group that one can easily pick up is the pathetic people who see us on a daily basis but lie blatantly for personal gain or favours from the boss or departmental heads. It would be so obvious that they would be embarrassed to talk to us with eye contact once we find out that they are lying.

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    Yes, we can tell when a person lies in front of us but we tend to ignore it and let the person enjoy his/her lies. And the more interesting part is when we know the truth and a person still blatantly lies in front of us and we just ignore it for the sake of not ruining the conversation.
    But in some cases, the person in front of us is so good at lying that it becomes difficult to understand the difference especially the case with the people who use flattery and sweet words but actually doesn't have the intention which their words show. It takes some time to understand such people but observing them for few days reveal their true nature no matter how much they deny it.

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    A very nice question. So, how am I supposed to read the mind of a stranger online?
    One trick is to ask him to repeat the story backwards.
    For an example : original sentence is "I brought fruit buns at 7 from bakery which has red walls".
    If any one of those details was a lie, he would fail to mention it while saying that in reverse.
    Lying is a tough job.
    Brain gets tired of it.
    So we show some evidence of our frustration while lying. And when we lie, we respond with just a sentence or two.
    You can identify by these few methods.
    And at online, the usage of emojis would rather be very high while lying.

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    We can find out whether the other person telling lie or not. But it is very awkward to tell the same to him/her, that too if the person is an elderly one it is very difficult to say. In such situations just nodding our head is enough.

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