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    What is your personal punch line which motivates you?

    Do you have some special quote, a line of a poem or of a song which motivates you during difficult times? Check those which motivate others & share your own.

    Everyone has their own way to motivate himself/herself when one is down. Some get motivated by some great quote by great people; some get motivated by some song. Some remember their life experience and some remember their elders' words to get motivated. However, everyone have some sentence or line which they remember and get energized by it.

    How do you motivate yourself - do you have any personal punch line which you remember or utter it again and again when you are low in confidence?

    As for me, my punch line is Rabindranath Tagore's old poem and it's the first line which I always remember. I keep uttering it when things are not going well with me. This poem was written during the Freedom Struggle and had motivated people in all parts of India. The poem is still having the same firing feelings which can wake up a dead man. Here is the first line of the poem, which still motivate me and keep me going no matter what comes on my way -

    "Jodi tor dak shune keu na ashe tobe ekla cholo re!" English Translation - "If no one responds to your call then walk on your path alone".

    So members, what is your punch line?
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    A very good post. Every person will have a personal motivation. Some people get motivated with a few good words about them. Some people get motivated by a few extra rupees. Some people may feel very satisfied and further strive for improvement with a letter of appreciation. But when we feel that we are going down and nobody is encouraging us we should help ourselves and we should pat on our back on our own. When we feel overwhelmed with our success we may get off the track and we may fall behind. We should not get very much excited about our success and at the same time, we should not get depressed very much beyond a certain limit. Then only we can maintain a standard in our life. Sometimes when I feel I am getting slipped I will tell myself you can do it, be focused. Again I will go on uttering the same words, Then I will get extra energy and start climbing up. Many times I have experienced this.
    always confident

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    This song " Hum honge kamyaab
    Hum honge Kamyaab, ek din,
    Man mein Hai vishwas
    Pura hai vishwas,
    Hum honge kamyab... "
    This is a Hindi song which means we shall overcome the challenges one day ,have confidence in yourself and we certainly will succeed.

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    An excellent thread for people who face hardships in life and when interacting with people in social circles or work period. Initially I used to get bogged down by obstacles and problems that used to come out the blue. As time went by I realized it is normal to have ups and downs and yes we need to be happy and sad at times ( I've raised a couple of threads) along these lines. Now I rely on the support of my family and trust in HIM that I'll be capable of facing hurdles. There are many good thoughts that I think of but the best is 'There's nothing worth in the world more than the smiles of your children and never compromise anything in exchange for it'.

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    When I was in my high school, there was series of essays in a Malayalam newspaper by its Chief editor K P Kesava Menon. The series was titled as 'Naam Munnottu' (We march ahead). The collection was published as a book with same name later. That contained many suggestions to follow for a positive thinking and cultivating g self confidence. I was an avid reader of those essays and followed many tips given therein. They helped me much and serves as motivation to me.

    The tag line in a popular Tamil weekly was 'Thunive Thunai' .(self help is best help).That also remained a punch line for motivating me.

    But till date I rely on my grand mother's advice- " Thanakku thaanum peraikku thoonum"
    (we depend on ourselves and house depends on pillars for support)

    Very recently I came to read a punch line 'To go fast walk alone, to go far walk with friends'.

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    I'm very forgetful. I can name a several hundred quotes at this moment but I wish to say only this.

    Instead of remembering quotes or poems, I just say to myself," you're aditya. You can easily come up with something better."

    That's it. Then I cool my mind and proceed with my job.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I remember, when I was in high school, somewhere in my Diary I had wrote - " I am a man who can't be defeated so easily". I don't remember how and why such sentence has came in my mind. But, I remember that punch line still, I remember it again and again today when I am in need for motivation.

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    A very nice thread. Yes, we all feel demotivated at some point in time and we need to motivate ourselves by saying something to ourselves, to keep us moving in the tough situations. I have one or two depending on what kind of situation is demotivating me. I would mostly say "You can do it Pooja, just maintain patience."
    Do what inspires you !!

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    "You are under His command. Leave everything to Him. You will be blessed". This is my own punch I spell during any crunch.
    No life without Sun

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    In Tamil there is a good saying. Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum. That means even this challenging period would ease out. Such a positive vibe creating three words which always gave me the motivation.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Would also like to add that, many of us will have listened to many good quotes and morals that is difficult to choose one only. For me, I have a few that genuinely brings peace and a sense of calmness when I face a setback, I just recollect it, say a silent prayer and focus on a job at hand.

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