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    Balance in all the aspects of life

    Do you maintain balance in your life? Learn from this thread about the importance of keeping a good balance in all aspects of one's life.

    Balance is not just a concept of maths and finance where we need to make things equal on the right-hand side and left side or tally big financial calculation. This is also required in life too i.e., any two sides sharing any kind of relationship need to have this balance. If we take something from someone we need to return something in return too i.e, how things stay in balance. If one side takes too much or gives too much the balance begins to shake.

    This balance also implements on broader levels too for e.g.- Nature if we keep exploiting it without balancing without replenishing what we have exploited it or compensating, it will lead to a fatal result. This imbalance has become quite visible too in form of global warming and submerging of many islands.

    Too much taking makes one a miserable, sympathetic character and also brings miseries for him and too much giving makes one vulnerable as people start to take that person for granted and thinks him a weak person. There can be few ups and downs & a little imbalance too but never let this balance completely slip away from your hands and stay happy.
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    But maintaining this sensitive balance is utterly difficult. People can't just equal their talents or traits from different fields and live a balanced life. No. If you have fun, your studies will be affected. If you hang out a lot, your health would be. If you study a lot, you'll become weak.
    It's apparent. We cannot balance our stuff easily. But I have a senior called Naina.
    The girl scored more than 9.6 outta 10, excellent at dancing, brilliant at ball games, confident in demeanour and a very balanced and talented person.
    She's my role model.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is true balancing is always required. If we want to punish somebody for his fault, we should praise him when has done something good. Always if we want to be on receiving side it is not correct. Sometimes you must be on the giving side also. If you are getting a bonus for a festival you should give some bonus to your servant maid as a bonus for the festival. Then only we can say we are good. The mother Nature is giving us so many things. It is allowing us to live on the earth by providing us with the oxidiser required to live. If there is no oxygen and only carbon dioxide none of us can survive. Then people start thinking of producing artificial oxygen which is possible but at what cost. So we should give back something to Nature so that it will go on giving us the gas for life. If you abuse the nature definitely a day will come when nature will abuse the mankind. So please maintain a balance on the eath by keeping the nature in its original form.
    always confident

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    Yes, everything needs a balance in life, even with our kids we need to have a balance of when to pamper them and when to be stern with them. Similarly, we need to balance work commitments and family commitments. Parents have to balance the attention and resources they have for each sibling. All these are easier said than done. At times it is difficult to achieve such a fine balance to keep everyone happy. As humans, even though we don't agree, we end up with a tilted scale often. Our time and attention to our spouse and our parents, our time devoted to our career and our family, our finance for expenses and savings, our focus on subjects that we have to study. In all these, there would be a definie perceptible imbalance. That's life and we have to live by it. We certainly can't give up trying to get this balance in the various aspects of life. Lastly, if someone has achieved this balance in his or her own life, then Hat's off to them.

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    Balancing in anything is ideal. However eve in balancing there is a margin of mobility or fluctuation. Generally we try to stick within that margin of deviation from the exact equilibrium. To be balanced well one has to be detached from the matter. If one is attached to the matter in someway, the balance will not be proper.

    The detachment or at least view something in a detached way comes after consciously nonpracticing to be unattached, or when one is beyond all the temptations. That is an ideal stage. That is why we are balanced in some thing, bu may not be so balanced in another matter. So what can be practically seen as balanced is balanced with a very small margin of deviation.

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    True, we need to maintain balance in all the aspects of life be it economical, professional, psychological and so on. If we are able to balance things, we can run smooth and had to face comparatively fewer troubles. Whenever there is an imbalance, we would face the heavy outcome which will not be in our favor.
    I always try and able to balance things, sometimes when things go off track, my mother helps and guides me through, then I am able to balance back myself.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Those who learned the balancing act in the life are the most gifted persons. In this world of competition and self esteem, no one is left with selfish attitude. If the selfish attitude sets in, then balancing act cannot be possible. Suppose a box of sweets is shown to you and you are sitting in the gathering of friends and relatives. It is your duty to take one sweet and behave.If you take more than one sweet , it is the act of selfishness and taking more. If you take more, you are being watched by others on your motive and thus they keep to have a bay with you. Just behave properly and even discard the offering. In that way they would offer you forcefully and that would be the right way to get the attention and benefited. And again do not discard something given to you with love and affection and that will have bad effect too. So behaving in balancing way is the need of the hour for all and there cannot be second thoughts.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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