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    Why not link Aadhaar to voting

    For the last one year people are almost traumatised by the instalment by instalment implementation of Aadhaar-linking . Each day comes with an announcement calling for linking Aadhaar number to some new service or utility. People are made to panic by arbitrarily announcing a last date and warning withdrawal or discontinuation of the services or utility if not linked before that date. So much so that umpteen trolls and cartoons have come 'linking' aadhaar to anything and everything.

    But why the government is not even thinking of a compulsory link to electoral roll and voting identity?

    Today I saw reports that govt is not making Aadhaar link compulsory for property transactions. Linking Aadhaar number to property transaction can eradicate benami deals and there by corruption and black money.

    Instead of such very important and serious matters, govt s traumatising helpless people asking to link Insurance policies etc. Ordinary, law abiding and honestly tax paying people are made to suffer. What do you feel?
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    Rightly demanded by the author and the Supreme Court must ask the government as to why it is keeping quite for not asking the public to link Aadhaar to vote in future. If that is done Ambanis and Adanis must come and vote at the booths and that would be great decision. In Indian democracy the so called creamy layer which always benefits from the government policies wont exercise their voting rights and if Aadhaar has to be made the link to vote in future , that would be mind boggling decision as the voting can be done online from the mobile itself which would be very cost effective too.
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    Yes, Aadhar should be linked with Voter I.D and election should be conducted online. Then the money wastage on conducting election will be saved. The mode of election should be changed. Then the leaders will not have to play roles to please voters.
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    Really it is a good thing but many people who directly benefited with fake voter ID will fear and object.Accorxing to me,there should be one unique ID for indian irrespective of state. For this all state government, people and state governments should cooperate without bias

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    Truly said by the Author, since AADHAR came into light, we have almost forgotten the value about Voter id. It is a very genuinely and innocently question which has come out in open. When, the bank and telephones are needed to connect with AADHAR why not it should connect it for voting?

    The reason why I feel it has not been encourage to connect voting is, 1)those who have no AADHAR id will miss to vote it. Which will direct affect the politicians. 2) It will come out in open as how many there are "genuine" voters.
    3) People who have migrated from our neighbours, might have got the Voter id but it might be difficult for them to get AADHAR.
    4) Cheating in voting will be stopped.

    Over all it is not going to give any positive result for the political party and may be that's why it has not been "asked" or encourage to link voter id with AADHAR.

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    My opinion is one person one card. So there should not be multiple cards. All government departments should respect the Identity card given by their other department. Every citizen of India should get an Aadhaar card as his unique identity card. The income tax department, the election commissioner and bank officials should ask for aadhaar card only. There should not be any other card which will be accepted by the officials as an identity card. Driving licence and passport are not compulsory for everyone. WHo is interested can take those. But no separate voter ID or PAN Card. Income tax department should also consider Aadhar as the basis and all accounts should be identified with the Aadhar number. On Aadhar, we should have our DOB printed and basin at this age the name should automatically come into the list of Voters. We should vote as per our Aadhar card. Why have different cards and linking them with each other? I think it is possible to implement this.
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    I think the number of cards are many in India because of the changing trends of the country. I remember still having my laminated TC and conduct certificate from my 10th standard as that was the only proof of my date of birth, next was a ration card booklet followed by a driving license pocketbook that was kept in a small plastic cover and taped.

    Now with digitalization we have had numerous cards and the future plan is to link everything into one. True facts brought out by the thread and the author. Many of us have had unnecessary concerns and panics thinking about the restriction of important services that are key to our lives if we don't link Aadhaar card. I think the Government has been having a disconnected thought process and should have started it at least as a trial run and implemented in a phased manner and then integrate everything.

    I agree with the suggestion, we should have one card for key events like voting, IT returns, bank accounts and purchase of a property.

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