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    How Gujarat elections interpreted GST and meant business

    This post may be taken as half fun and half fact.

    This is based on a whatsapp message I received today in connection with the Gujarat election results. First of al I salute the creative genius of the one who really originated it.

    The message says that Gujaratis accepted GST. The election results showed that.Amit Shah wanted 150 seats out of 182seats. That is exactly the Gujarati voters did. They gave 150 seats to Shah, but sincerely deducted 28% GST. Twenty eight percent of 182 come to 51. So 150-51=99.

    Gujaratis know their business and they mean business. They did the right business, at the right time, rightly deducting the right percentage with the GST very keenly and adamantly implemented by Amit Sha-Modi team. GST at this time probably meant Gujarat Sample Test. This is what is called pay in back in the same coin.
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    Nice interpretation of poll results in the understanding way by the Gujarati voters. Yes there has been anguish in certain voters which were earlier the bastion of the BJP. When compared to the last elections Congress has improved its seat share and those are belong to the BJP. GST rates were really high on some products especially the cosmetics and may be Gujarati ladies vent their ire by giving their votes to Congress on this . Nevertheless BJP has been given one more chance in the state with strong opposition now and that signals turf days for the BJP in future if it wont mend its ways.
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    There have been many jokes and cartoons on GST that we keep seeing every day. At least this one has some thought process linked to it. How the people of Gujarat decided on this exact number is just a fluke chance.It can also be a hidden message for the BJP to remember GST and Gujarat elections whenever they roll out a new policy.

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    This post I have also seen in WhatsApp. Good Mathematics. The thought is very good. Somehow theoretically BJP got whatever it wanted, BJP should be with the results. One thing we should note here is the BJP got increased percentage of votes than last elections and the same congress. The loss of vote percentage is for others.
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