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    Hornbill - The festival of festivals

    The Hornbill Festival is one of the most awaited festival of the people of Nagaland (an NE indian state) .It is a week long festival celebrated in the first week of December since its inception in the year 2000 showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Indian Nagas at the Naga Heritage Village - Kisama about 12 km away from the capital city kohima. a festival to revive ,protect ,sustain and promote the richness of the Naga heritage and traditions

    The main attractions of the Hornbill Festival is marked by the colourful display of traditional dance,sports and songs of various naga tribes .The warrior log drums, their colourful headgear,the soulful war cry,the exquisite costumes ,delicious local cuisines and delicacies

    The Hornbill Festival has evolved from being just a cultural celebration of the Nagas into a mega cultural event for the 8 North Eastern state, making it a cultural extravaganza. The countrys biggesrt rock contest is held during this festival , in short the Hornbill festival has got both, the Folk as well as The Rock song. It ia a festival of the past and the present
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    It is a festival being celebrated by the Government of Nagaland. This festival has two purposes. The first one is attracting tourists and the second one is to integrate different Naga tribes in one platform. That is a really colourful festival showcasing the cultural diversities of Nagaland. The food and handicrafts are breathtakingly excellent.
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    We heard about this great traditional festival of Nagaland but never knew the details. I would appreciate the author to create a article on this festival and append the same in the resource section.
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    I have heard about this festival earlier also but wasn't aware about so much details.
    This thread has made me more interested about this festival. Tribal festival are often very colurful and full of enthusiasm but the way hornbil is connecting past to present make it more unique and interesting.
    A nice festival where various generations can interact together and understand each others likes and dislikes in more better way.

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    Thank you sir ,for your valueable time and reviews on my article .I would further try to improve my writing and append the same in a more elaborated way in the resource section

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    Welcome for such postings as many of us (including me) do not aware this. Such postings really give name for ISC as this is a learning channel.

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    It is good to note the details of the Hornbill that is being celebrated in Nagaland to spread their unique cultural heritage. This festival will attract many tourists from India as well as from other countries and there will be a promotion to tourism in the state. It will also provide a platform for all the nagas to get united and go forward with a unique idea and methodology for the development of their state and community. We can also understand the various cultural talents of Naga people who will showcase their positives and skills in their cultural events. I feel it is good if I can visit this place during this festival.
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    Hornbill is a bird. Any thoughts on why it is named the Hornbill festival. Glad to hear about the festival of a far-off place in our vast country. Sounds like Hornbill festival is one that showcases the tradition and history of the state of Nagaland. Village/traditional festivals are always a pleasure to watch, to learn a little about the olden rituals, taste local authentic cuisine and local music. Why is a rock music contest linked to the traditional celebrations, I'm not sure. Such events would be or should be promoted by the State governments and encourage other visitors from India and abroad to visit and have a memorable experience.

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    The particular festival is named after Indian hornbill, because this bird is considered sacred by almost all Naga tribes and this bird frequently appears in the folk stories of the tribes of Nagaland.
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    The Hornbill festival is named after the bird Hornbill because it is considered as sacred ,and in enshrined in the ethos of the Nagas and to promote the spirit of unity in diversity as the tribes of the Nagas are very diverse with tribes having their own subtribes and the Hornbill bird finds a symbolic representation in their faith and costumes

    A rock music linked to something culturally traditional .....this is a way of connecting the youths of the nagas to their traditons and cultures as we all know the NE states are known for their music and today's youth are more drawn towards the western music so what could be more better than connecting the youths about their own cultures and traditions through music and hence bridging the gap between the youths and their traditions

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    Good piece of information shared by the author, the Hornbill festival. We got to know about the importance of this festival in the state of Nagaland. How it is celebrated and much more about it. You are right, music is the best way to link up our thoughts and share the views in a friendly manner, it helps more in interaction.
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    #620082@ Usha, yesterday after seeing Mr.Partha's reply I was on the net for hornbill came across a rather sad post from 2016. Apparently, there is only ONE HORNBILL (Julie) in Nagaland that's housed in the zoo. Sightings of Hornbills are very rare and some species are believed to be on the very of extinction.

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