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    What is in store for us (ISC) in 2018?

    It's a few months since I've joined ISC and thankful for the opportunities it has given me since then. I love to contribute to the forum and Ask the experts, I browse the articles section. Similarly, many would have their favorite areas in this playground of knowledge.

    With 2017 closing in, we are all planning for the new year 2018. Everyone hopes that life would be better in terms of peace, satisfaction, achievements, and earnings. Overall, a simple approach to make the year better than the one just gone by.

    What has the ISC planned or have a vision for the members to look forward in 2018. Would welcome the comments of the admin team, team of editors and Mr.Tony John, please. Members also can express their ideas and suggestions for ISC 2018.
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    Let the ISC be more vibrant and show more enthusiasm in the coming year too. Let all active members raise at least one post daily and seven in a week. Each member must respond to the threads with their available knowledge and thus make this forum more lively. Some times I feel the forum without much activity and dull. And editors should not delete the post citing duplicate as the reason because some times the title may be similar but the content inside may be different and can be discussed. Such changes would bring back the glory to the forum and every one will be busy and learning too.,.
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    I should not comment on what ISC has planned but would like to say that the new year should bring a new refreshment. What ISC say , should show us while doing any action or decision. It should be unbiased, honest and transparent like how ISC admin feel it. Every members should get equality and should not be favoured by any admin just because he/she talks in favour of them. I would also like to mention here that the senior and editors should show us the example before they comment or assume about others. ISC is a wonderful site and worth to be with it and may be that is why I always come back even when some of admin do not like to see me here.

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    I have also just completed one year of active membership on this ISC even though I was registered in the year 2009, I couldn't do much on this site due to the paucity of time. During this one year, I have been getting a constant encouragement from all other members and persons at higher positions on this site. I feel I got some education on this site. Still, I will be learning more here in the coming year. If Sun's prediction is correct I will contribute here and continue my journey on this site for another 6 years. So I am very sure that ISC will reach new heights in the coming year and the people at the helm of the affairs will definitely plan and execute many points which will increase the membership and also contribute more towards the learning procee for the members. I wish a great year for ISC in 2018.
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    I joined ISC four months back. And it has been an amazing experience over here. There are so many people to teach us and guide us. I find it like a live platform for discussion where we are meeting daily and discussing things on varied topics. ISC has taught us so many things about writing and how to improve more on it. I have always stayed connected to the forum section, till now just written one article in the Article section. I have found reasons to explore more because of this platform. I wish the journey of ISC become joyous and exciting day by day, with all of us sharing each other's ideas. I hope, this website expands more in the coming year.
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