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    Updated policies for AE w.e.f. 20th December 2017

    Members, the policy for crediting points and cash for questions and answers submitted in our Ask Expert section is as follows, effective from today -
    AE questions - 3 points, no cc
    AE anonymous questions - 3 points, no cc
    AE responses - points & cc as per quality
    AE anonymous answers - Zero points, no cc

    Secondly, for answers to old questions that have been posted six months earlier or prior to that will not get any points or cc. We find that members are needlessly posting answers when the query has been answered satisfactorily. Of course, in exceptional cases where we do find some additional information has been provided which is relevant to the query or corrects some misguidance given in a previous answer, then only, based on quality, points & cc will be credited.

    These policies have been updated in our FAQs for submitting queries and submitting answers.

    Have any queries related to these policies or even generally about the AE section? Feel free to ask in a response in this thread & get your doubts cleared.
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    It is good to note the revised policy in AE section. There is no meaning in replying to the question which has already got an answer unless otherwise, it is different from the previous answers. So authors can read the previous answer if there is any new point he wants to add, he can post the answer. Even then the authors may tempt to give some answer in that case the editors can allow points without any CC. They can als9 think of fewer points and less cc also. I think that is reasonable also. But it will become an advantage for the first comer. Anyhow no problem for that. The ME can think of this option.
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    Glad that the ME has posted this thread, Clear guidelines for posting and replying in Ask the experts section. I had raised a thread earlier as I felt there was little to gain from replying to old threads regarding the old ask the experts questions being answered, the replies were similar, there would be new information that may be more relevant, even if is relevant I don't think it would be useful the person posting it as I don't think he or she will be regularly looking at the threads. We have had good replies on regular basis from few members of AE section and I think we are familiar with the cc and points system.

    Is there a time limit for replying Ask the experts section?.

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    Thanks to the ME for updating the policy of AE section. Certainly it gives more clarity to the Members who are active in this Section.
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    I welcome the new updates for the AE section but want to make one request that if a registered member raises a question of importance, some cash credit should be awarded as inducements.
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    Good information. My question is - Who will check the quality of the responses to award CC. You would say 'Our Editors'. Are all our editors expert in various fields. If they are the experts to check the members answers, then they become super experts who check the quality of an expert's answer. Are our editors really super experts? If super experts can answer their question, why should members post their answers.

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    it is another good update in ISC. AE section is one of the most important section of ISC to help everyone but due to low responses in some question , Newcomer have no interested in this section. For Example a student post any academic question but he did not get response 2 or 3 days then he left and use other sources.
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    Everyone knows that we have not engaged any Experts to evaluate the responses posted under AE section. The relevance of the response only to the question posted would be checked by the Editors assigned to the job and the correctness and applicability are to be checked and verified by those members who have posted the question or those who are following the threads. We can't assure you the veracity of the response and no one, in fact, would claim that they are correct even on any other sites. Only suggestions based on experience are given by members even regarding the health queries and it appears members are satisfied with the responses they are getting here.

    I don't feel awkward about your comments on Editors as we are very often habituated to your nature in the name of Fun.


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    Many replies to AE and the cc awarded are done in good spirit by the admin team. I don't think we have had many issues apart the odd one of copied content or missed replies. As we discussed earlier, the regular members who respond to queries in AE are happy with the cc's, we have even expressed our appreciation for the very quick turn around time for the replies to be approved.

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    It is also requested not to mention any salutation while responding to the AE query. Some members say,'Hi', 'Hello', ' I have gone through/read your question' etc., and also, conclude with 'All the best' and 'Thank you'. This is not at all required and sometimes treated as shallow content as per the SEO techniques. We generally refer other sites and borrow the content while replying to a query which is not wrong but ensure that it is presented in our own words. Even few words which resemble the original content would show that as a copied content and effects AdSense revenue as per Google policies.

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    Sorry Jagdish,
    Your thinking and my thinking are different. When the editors are not experts to judge the member's answer, at least the member who answered the question should be honoured by giving a standard CC of 1 or 2 rupees for their good effort. The additional CC over and above Rs. 1 or 2 may be awarded, if the editor is a super expert to answer on the concerned field and the answer is exemplary or very satisfying..

    @ The decision about awarding zero points and zero CC to anonymous questions and answers is appreciable.

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    I am happy that ISC has taken this new policy decision and thus satisfied my doubts and reservations about 'anonymous' posts in AE section. I had raised this matter in a general way in this thread in 2013 and many members concurred with me then.

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    well done. Good initiative.
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