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    First robot to get Citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

    I was just roaming in internet to know about interesting news and here I found the most amazing one. Frankly speaking, I had no idea as so far that such robot has been invented. I got curious about it and search more. What I found was just mesmerising fact. I went to watch online video about the robot and to my utter surprise she talks like any human being. Exactly like how we have seen in the movie like "Robot" of Rajnikant starer.

    The robot name is Sophia and she is the first robot in the human history that got the official citizenship of Saudi Arabia. She gave the interview after that which is available in Youtube. Members those who are interested can watch her online.
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    It is a very good piece of information. A robot getting a citizenship in the country. Good and we should appreciate the scientists and engineers who are able to create such a robot which is almost equal in all respects to a human being. Thanks for the author for sharing the information. Now all countries will try to repeat the same and try to create many robots in the same way. So population will increase and these robots will become immortal. Are we going to witness the same in our country? Very nice.
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    The information is very interesting as well astonishing. What I fail to understand that by giving citizenship to the robot what benefit the government would give and what the robot can achieve. We all know robots are made by the human being and start working upon feeding the required through chips or what ever scientific method. Human beings have nine feelings and the best one is the touch feeling. I am sure the robot may have all the eight feelings but the touch feeling cannot be aped from the human being. I want other members to respond to my contention.
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    We have the world's first Robotic Citizen, now the world has to think about a Police Force for the Robots. Are we ready for another potentially dangerous source of trouble or terror?

    Great piece of information but I have my concerns. Sounds like a clip from the Will Smith movie I, robot/Rajnikanth's Robo movie. We all appreciate artificial intelligence and the advantages of it. Today, it is a reality that a citizen of a country is a robot. It has it's rights and responsibilities. Do we have enough knowledge about AI (Artificial Intelligence), the shortcomings, the pitfalls, the grey zones wherein we don't know how they will behave.

    Imagine being on a lift with Sophia, her circuits go haywire and she snaps and abuses verbally or physically. Imagine clones of Sophia or super robots who are handling a car or a tanker, what prevents them from not thinking logically and using the car or a tanker like a suicide bomber and crash into humans or a building. Human beings are known to be jealous of each other.

    If I find a cure for cancer, I need to prove that it works, it is safe, submit how I found the cure and most important the side-effects. Similarly, for AI, we need to have a separate ethics and safety committee, who can give the world an assurance that yes, this robot is safe, yes have means to control it, yes we also have the means to shut it down in dire circumstances.

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    I also read the news that Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a humanoid in November. It became the first country in the world to recognize a robot as it's citizen. The fact is that robot Sophia has been granted more rights than the actual Saudi women. In a conservative country like Saudi Arabia, where women face many restrictions, such a step paves the way for women's right. Recently, Saudi has also changed the rules to allow women to obtain a driving license. I think this is just a beginning and integrating a humanoid into society will definitely bring more attention to women's right. in Saudi Arabia.
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