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    Is it better to have same party in centre and state.

    Each state will have an assembly in our country and country will have a comment parliament for the whole country. The election will be held and we will be electing state government and central government. In some states, the same party which has formed a government in the centre will come to power. In some states, a different party will come. That may be a friendly party to the party in the central government and may not be. What I am feeling is the chances for a state to get developed by the funds it is raising in the form of taxes and the help from the central government. The states like Telangana which are having surplus funds can use their wisdom and see that their state will progress. Whereas some states like Andhra Pradesh where the revenues are less has to depend more on the central government. In such case, if the same party is there in such state also, not even friendly party, the state will get benefitted more. Otherwise, the chances are less. What are the views on this particular matter, members?
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    I too agree with the author that same party should be in power in state and at the central level. We had enough of partisan attitude mitigated by Congress party in the past. Especially when NTR over thrown Congress government in AP then, Rajiv Gandhi was PM at the centre and NTR has to fight for every money from the centre and thus people of this state have decided then to elect same party or the strong party at the centre which can listen to state grievances. Now the TRS government is having good rapport with NDA government at the centre but hostile towards BJP in Telangana.
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    We had discussed along these lines partly in other threads related to the election. Time and again we have seen examples of monopoly which is not good in the long run. Imagine a very popular party in power at the center and at the state. Can't they collude? Can't they divert funds for their own pet projects? Can't they be dishonest with the public for the benefit of the party's image? While it looks like governance, implications of policies and releasing of funds would be easy and it can facilitate better state and center cooperation, it would not be as easy as it looks. We need a strong government for the people at the state level and a capable government for all the states at the center. Even if we have to demand funds, projects, help etc, a different party at state can have a better feel of what the people in that state need. They may even perform better(than the party at center) because they have to show the opposition party that they mean business and not give a chance for the same party to come back to power next time

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