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    What if congress would not have ruled India?

    The Gujrat election is just over and the shocking result have given many congress supporters and party a sleepless night. They just fell short to defeat Modi is what the pain they have in their heart. Anyway, I am not going to discuss here about Gujrat election or Modi or BJP.

    Since the independent India, we have seen only congress ruling our country most of the years. We had full faith on them and they had taken advantage of it. We had no other option but to vote for congress because there was no strong opposition. However, history says that whenever there was a strong opposition, congress were always out from the making government.

    Now, after so much hulla bol, the BJP came into power reducing congress seats in biggest margin. Why it happens so? Where the peoples faith gone suddenly? We seriously need to think before blaming BJP or Modi, the congress supporter should look into themselves, why they become a regional party alike.

    Now the question is what if congress would not have ruled India, do you think our present would have been better?
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    "Now the question is what if Congress would not have ruled India, do you think our present would have been better?". It is a hypothetical question and is not valid as many interpretations can be arrived at depending on one's bias. The Congress party lost its credibility and failed miserably in the 2014 elections.
    The Gujarat elections are not shocking to Congress party. The BJP party was expected to have landslide victory which did not happen.

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    Well Mr. KVRR, congress is not India and India is not only Congress. Please come out from it before you comment anything. What may look for you, might be different for others. Now after almost 4 years of Congress free India. It must be right question to ask if we had better present had congress not ruled this country. There is no harm to discuss about it. After all It is India, when you can force yourself to get the apology from PM, why can't I ask the same kind of question?

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    I said it is a hypothetical question. We do not know what might have happened because it did not happen. "Congress is not India and India is not only Congress." True. Why should I come out of it as what you said is correct and accepted by me?
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    Have we not discussed many such topic without knowing the past or future? And while seeing the 4 years rule of BJP, we can surely discussed what BJP is doing is wrong or right, taking the experience of congress ruled time. Or what congress could not do, the BJP has done it. We can surely discuss unless you think it will be going to harm the reputation of Congress. If you think what congress has done the best, let it be get discussed. Why to get reluctant to discuss about it, I really do not understand.

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    Really I don't know what might have happened if Congress has not ruled the country. We might not be discussing this point on this day on this ISC site. I think it is correct. The names of many famous personalities from Congress might not have become very popular. Separate Telangana might not have formed. Like this, we can write many points.
    Any hypothetical questions can be discussed and can be shared their views. there is nothing wrong. It is not to blame somebody or some party.

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    There would be so many replies to this scenario. India could have progressed better than now, or lagging behind, we could have had lesser religious issues so on and so forth.

    I think what is important for the citizens of India and the BJP is to learn from what has happened to the once glorious Congress party. After the likes of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi at the top, the party lost track and is still staggering along the path.

    Now imagine the same scenario with BJP, we have reached a stage wherein the party's Congress Mukth Bharath is slowly coming true, if not completely. We have the top man Mr.Modi on whom everything hinges. Some feel, the good days are in and continuing, some feel ache this is yet to come. What if BJP also goes the Congress way in a few years time.

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    Yes for the older generation they always respected the Congress and they voted them to power. This over confidence of the voters has been cashed in by that party over the years and have virtually looted the country in every Ministry their party leaders were present and thus made the mockery of democratic set up. Having failed to have any alternative to Congress all these years, people were forced to elect them. Now the voters want to get rid of Congress in every state and there fore BJP has made a record for the first time to have 19 states to its kitty which was earlier won by Indira Gandhi who had 18 states in her kitty. One thing is sure, neither BJP nor the Congress should take light of the votes they got. People are more vigilant and more informed and they can change the fortune of the parties in one election. Better they understand the aspirations of the voters and behave.
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    It is well known fact that if a country has strong opposition, the country do better instead of having weaker opposition. Throughout in Indian History, Congress has ruled like a king, the reason there were no strong opposition. There is no doubt that it was the biggest and strongest party and people had lots of faith on them. However, it is also the fact that people have voted them out whenever it has required. I have no doubt that our present would have been better had there be a strong opposition.

    Now whatever the situation congress has, who has already lost the faith of Indian people, can happen to BJP or any other party. Now, there is challenge if one party could not do better, the opposition will come up. Had we had same scenario in past, India would have been different.

    One can only work harder and better when he/she knows that his place and situation has not guaranty. The same thing we can't say about the past congress party, because they had hardly some challenges from opposition.

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