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    The worst is yet to come!

    Tomorrow, Dec 21, the Winter Solstice is predicted to be the worst day of 2017-Neil Spencer, the popular astrologer is predicting.
    For the first time since 1664 Sun moves into Capricon,hours after Saturn makes the same exact shift, causing Sun and Saturn to actually line up. This will be a rare cosmic incident that hasn't occurred in over 350 years. Astrologers advise people to avoid making important decisions or taking drastic actions as they may result in uncomfortable consequences for 2018
    Neil Spencer saying anything you do on that day can feel more difficult than usual and starting something new can have long-term consequences and is ill advised.
    Astrology website Lunar Living, advised, you may feel limited and constrained, but do not let that feeling keep you from living up to your obligations
    (Source: Mail online UK)
    People may not believe in Astrology. Even though, let us watch carefully tomorrow's developments and if anyone feels anything unusual, can share here.
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    Neither I have any belive in astrology nor I am a superstitious person but the phenomena you mentioned does seem very interesting.
    And the way you have mentioned its astrological aspect and its effect on taking important decisions that have made me really concerned about any decision to be taken tomorrow, Now I think I will think twice before taking any important decision tomorrow.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    If that is the case, let us see how different our tomorrow is going to be.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Actually the change has occurred on 19th Dec at 10 am in the morning and those who are going to be affected will have the lasting impact for the whole eight years from now. When our astrologers say we wont believe and if the news comes from the west we give credence. One thing is sure out of all the planets, Saturn is most influential in every ones life as it can change the fortune or tame the person to the hilt. God has created the Saturn to see that human being does not go over board with his health and wealth and hence in every ones life a period of 7 and half years would be challenging and even danger to life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let me watch this day, and come back tomorrow to share with you how good or bad was the day Thursday the 21 Dec 2017. According to Tamil Panchangam, Sun has already entered into Capricon on 16th December itself (Margazhi 1st).
    No life without Sun

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    I don't understand the concept. What is that the astrologer told. The SUN and Saturn are coming in line? Probably both the planet are entering into Capricorn. Let us experience the day and see how it will be. Some decisions we may have to take if urgency is there. We can't postpone all matters by one day. What has to happen will happen. The destiny is already decided. We may not be able to change that,
    always confident

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    Nobody should take this issue seriously!
    It is only an Astrological prediction based on the cosmic phenomena. For detailed information, visit the website, Lunar Living.

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    If we had believed with such kind of news, the world would have ended many times now. I am hearing that world will end in some particular date, but we passed that date without having anything wrong. This is just a waste of time to think about it. Just read it and throw out from your mind. If the worst has to happen, let it face it instead of keep thinking and stressing about it.

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    Until this time, the day has been very good to me. I could get few thousands as a gift. I could pay something for a good work done for my new home. I got my old house surrounding cleaned for Rs. 500/-. The house looks neat and tidy after the monsoon growth. I think the rest of the day will be better. I am undertaking a journey from TEN to SBC tonight. And I hope to have a pleasant journey. Will come back tomorrow to post the rest.
    No life without Sun

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    Interesting observation, there has been a few message related to the planetary shifts/alignments over the last 3-4 months, this seems to be the most difficult one. Anyway, I've not taken any decisions worth being called major, just my routine work. Cosmic predictions are based on predictable cosmic events happening above us and their apparent impact on happenings on Earth. Many people believe in these, they often use it for guidance rather than a mandatory rule. If there are sudden emergencies, then obviously the would put this in the back of their minds. If something can wait till tomorrow, it would be postponed.

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    We live in a very conservative society, where we easily get influenced by beliefs that make headlines. It is quite natural.when all goes well with us and we are happy,astrology does not influence us much. On the other hand, when something goes wrong in our lives, we rush to the astrolegers and observe the planetary changes in our rashis,and run for advice.
    As far the universe exists planetary changes are bound to happen, whether they have a good effect ora negative impact ,it is difficult to say.
    Relating to the worst day, by Neil Spencer things have been sailing smooth with me. The day was as usual .No major incident that shook the world, except that the 2G Scam, took different turn.

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    Finally, the 21st December ended happily with no problem. I left Tirunelveli p.m and reached Bangaluru a.m. safely. The day was pleasant. The journey was peaceful. All went on well.

    Let us not have complete faith in astrology and astrologers, and don't give too much preference to astrology.

    @ I am a semi-astrologist.

    No life without Sun

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    I am sending your experiences to the concerned astrologer and let us wait for his response.

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