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    Santa’s Cap Goes Missing

    [This story wins the third prize for the Christmas creative writing story contest]

    It was just a few days left for Christmas and the Santa couldn't find his cap. The red cap of Santa goes missing.

    "Have you seen my cap, Mrs Christmas?" asked Santa. "No," replied Mrs Christmas. "Rudolph, have you seen my cap?" "Nope," said Rudolph. Santa asked Dancer and Prancer and the rest of the reindeers, no one had seen Santa's cap.

    Santa: "I can't go out in this weather without my cap, it's far too cold. I will just have to stay in until I find it."

    For three days Santa searched every nook and corner for his cap without any luck. Santa was sitting in his office when young Rolo, the Elf knocked on the door.

    Rolo: "I have brought my cousin to meet you. He will be working in the factory over the festive season."

    Santa asked the Elf his name, "Milo Sir". "Welcome aboard Milo" said Santa.

    Santa: "Oh Rolo did you find my missing cap. Whoever finds it gets a free night ride in my sleigh. This goes for you and your cousin Milo, so keep your eyes wide open."

    "We will Santa" replied Rolo. "Wow, a ride in Santa's sleigh!" asked Milo. "Yes," said Rolo. "So keep your eyes open for Santa's cap." "I will," said Milo. "I would love a ride in Santa's sleigh". Days went by, and still there was no sign of Santa's cap.

    Rolo: "Your turn to make the hot drinks. Remember, Santa like tea made in a teapot and find something to cover the teapot. Santa doesn't like cold tea. And there are hamburger pies in the storeroom put some of them on a plate too".

    Milo went off to make the hot drinks. He looked around for something to cover the teapot, but he couldn't find anything. "I'll get the hamburger pies out of the storeroom. There maybe something to cover the teapot with".

    He looked around and spotted a red cloth. He picked up the cloth and placed it on top of the teapot and went to serve Santa's drink. Santa wasn't in his office, so the Elf left Santa's tea on the table.

    "Rolo!!" bellowed Santa. "Who made the tea?" asked Santa." "I did Santa," said Milo and lowered his head. "Well done!" Santa said. Milo lifted his head and saw a big smile on Santa's face. He also noticed Santa was wearing his cap." "Where did you find it?" Santa asked. "Find what?" asked Milo. "My cap, of course. You left it on top of the teapot."

    The red cloth that the Elf had used to cover Santa's tea was actually Santa's cap. "Come on Elves. Stop what you are doing and jump onto my sleigh." Five minutes later, they were flying around the world.

    This is an entry to the Santa's Cap: Christmas creative story writing contest
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    The missing cap story of Santa was well created and narrated by the author and the very thought itself was different in connection with the tow topic being trending now,
    K Mohan
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    The story is good. The red cap is the storeroom which was not noticed by anybody. Milo has spotted the red cloth but not noticed it as the red cap? The Santa found that as cap and the luck goes with Milo. Nicely narrated story by the author. The missing cap was traced by the end of the story. Nice.
    always confident

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    An interesting twist to the theme, usually Santa is the one who helps people all around, now he himself is in need of help. Good of Milo to use the cap as a tea cozy to keep the tea pot warm as it would be too cold. These two points int the story sounds unique. Good write up. Finally Milo gets a free ride for finding Santa's Cap ?

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