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    “Acche Din” for the Release of Padmavati Movie?

    A film maker and director Sanjay Leela Bansali has made a film on a rajput queen called Padmavati based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi's poetic creation "Padmavat", an account on this queen. Without seeing the film there were violent protests against the film. The Karni Sena, a group of rajputs had threatened actor Deepika Padukone and film director Sanjay Leela Bansali of mutilation and physical harm. It was not only the Karni Sena and other Hindu outfits, but some BJP leaders had also demanded a ban on this film. The screening of this film has been banned in BJP ruled states. One of the BJP leader announced a bounty of Rs 10 crore on the heads of actress Deepika Padukone and the film maker. The film maker was summoned before a parliamentary committee to explain his side. Nothing came out of it.

    This film was denied screening certificate by the apex and final body for certification, the censor board, on some technical grounds. Seeing all these, the release of the film postponed for an indefinite period.

    The main logic of the protesters was that the film was distortion of history and against the Hindu pride. The ridiculous point of protest is that nobody has seen the film. Historians are also divided on the issue of whether such Padmavati actually existed.

    This controversy has been on the national scene for the last two and half months. The silence of the central government on this issue is alarming. These protests seemed to aggravate just before Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh polls. Now the situation is calm. This hints at whether those agitations were a sponsored protests to polarise Hindu voters during the polling period. Since there are no elections now, we should expect the release of this film. Please opine.
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    The producers of the picture "Padmavathi" deferred the release to January 2018. Hope the Censor Board clears the picture for screening meanwhile. The beneficiary of the entire episode is the film and its producer. The producer of the film is likely to make a handsome profit due to the free publicity the film got. The Chief Ministers of the States who declared that they will not allow the film to be screened in their respective States, have to retract the statements and allow it for screening once the Censor Board clears it. Definitely "Achhe Din' for the film.
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    It is true that the film producer will be benefitted out of this entire happenings as this news about the film created a lot of interest among all and they want to view the movie at least once to know what is there actually in the movie. This is a very good publicity the film got. If censor board clears the picture nobody can stop the screening of the film The producer will be getting good money, whether it is like by people or not. Everyone wanted to view the movie at least once. The decision of censor board is to be given. Let us wait. But only one point I don't understand, by the release of this movie who are going to get good days. Probably the good days will come to the producer, Director and others who worked for the movie. Is it what author means?
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    As far as Padmavathi movie goes, it was a voluntary decision to postpone the release first by the producers. There was a claim from the producers that the movie was with the film certification board and no proper reply was given. Before the elections, yes there were many statements, counter statements and agitations. People even closed the entry to the Chittorgarh fort also. It was more of a wildfire protest as many people hadn't seen the movie but lent support to the protest. These sort of issues are common in our country because the way the passion and religious sentiments are stoked. Although the film has got good free publicity (people may watch, just for the curiosity), the movie screening theaters would have to have a good insurance and security while the screening starts. With the election, the entire thing had taken a backseat.

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    Only Yesterday I came to know through a news feed that Padmavati film hero Shahid Kapoor has said that there would be positive decision by this month end on the exact date of release of the film.
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    As, I was scrolling for news about banks. I came across an interesting news, it alleges that the real reason for the agitation is about Ranveer Singh, who apparently made a very casual remark made during the making of the film at Jaipur and further lack of explanations for the same had upset Rajput Karni Sena.

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