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    Aadhaar number should be tattooed on our body

    I suggest that our government should make arrangements to get our body tattooed with Aadhaar number on the left forehand. Why I say this, because we might lose the Aadhar card and may not remember the Aadhaar number. The tattoo should remain permanent from birth to death as a permanent identity of the person.

    What do you say?
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    A very good and practical suggestion from the author. I want to add that PAN and Mobile number may also be tattoed on the left forehand. Better than the tattoo is a chip with all the details inserted in our forehead so that it can be easily scanned. The suggestions of the author and my response may look funny but they may be given a serious thought.
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    Mr. KVRR,.
    Really a funny addition from you. PAN and Mobile number are not for each and every citizen of India. All may not need a PAN and a Mobile phone. An Aadhaar Number is a permanent number, and is a must from birth to death. Hence I recommended it to be tattooed. Would be nice if the Aadhar appear with the name of the individual.
    Just have a look at the attachment.

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    A fun filled thread from Sun. Even though your Aadhaar number is tattooed you can't avoid linking Aadhaar card with your bank account, Pan Card and mobile Phone. You may have to link it with Voter ID also. If you tattooed it also, who will certify that it is correct. You can get tattooed any number you like. So the government has to appoint authorised representatives for this work. Along with your Aadhaar number, there should be the signature tattoo of the authorised person indicating that the number is correct otherwise it will not be accepted as a standard authentication. The Aadhaar card can be printed online by you from their website. There may not be any problem in that.
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    The moment we think about numbers to identify, our memories would go to the prisoners called by numbers Khaidhi No: 123 etc. Getting numbers tattooed on one's body is considered as a sad reminder of some of the worst atrocities in the history of mankind. In the prison complex of Aushwitz (death) camp, the ruthless SS army would tattoo numbers for all prisoners starting from May 1940, then they started introducing series ( like currency note numbers), A,B etc. Some Jewish prisoners had a small triangle tattooed below their serial numbers for quick identification. The Number gangs of South Africa, at the basic level have one $ sign tattooed to identify with the gang. Numbers tattooed on the arm would carry a negative connotation and for me at least it would be undignified. Maybe like Mr.KVRR, we should have a small chip shot into our arms,like we see in Bond movies. I'm attaching a image of a holocaust prisoner with a tattoo.

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    Mr. Sun, we do not know what the Government may feel important. How many times can one get tattoed? It is a painful process. As suggested there should be certifying authority whose signature and stamp also required to be tattooed. Considering all these possibilities, I fell that chip may be good. Your attachment of a tattoed forearm looks good.
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    Very good idea!
    This number is needed everywhere now. As we are on the verge of winding up of 2017,it can be considered as the best idea of the year.

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    This is not possible. Where in India everything is changing so fast, who will give the guaranty that AADHAR would not be replaced by some another number in future. When we had ration card system, it was taken over by Voter Id, then it came PAN Card number and now AADHAR. Who knows we might have better option than AADHAR and when we get it, the number might be different. So, I just wonder how many number people will get TATTO in their body?

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    This solution is not practical. Tattooing is not safe. There is chance of contracting AIDS if infected needle is used for tattooing. Moreover, if the tattooed portion gets burnt, then the purpose would not be served. There are many other reasons. If I would be the decision-making authority, I would reject the proposal within 3 seconds of receiving the same.
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    The chip idea came to my mind because of a story which I read long ago probably in the Illustrated Weekly of India.
    One wife and husband are living happily. After some time, the wife becomes suspicious of her husband. She asks for suggestions from her friends. They advise her to get her husband fixed with counting machine on his forehead which is not detachable. The counter in the machine counts whenever the person becomes intimate with a person of opposite sex. The husband accepts her proposal and insists that she too may be fitted with such a device. The wife says it is all just for fun only. I believe you and love you so much. The husband also says the same and they continued to live happily. Just for fun only which is becoming rare these days.

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    Chips implanted on Humans!! An interesting idea!
    We can start chipping every citizen of the country! No need of Biometrics and IRIS scans.
    Government can control each and everybody!

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    My main concern is - Aadhaar number is a permanent number unlike the Ration card or Pan card or Election ID etc. Aadhaar number is an identification number for an Indian, not from his state or district or Taluk. Every Indian is supposed to poseess a common Indian number which is Aadhaar number. People need not carry an Aadhaar card, but the tattoo will be like the card we carry. Does anyone verify the Aadhaar number seriously. Even during the train journey, the TTE just sees the card and ticks their name.

    My simple idea might look funny but it is a valid suggestion that will withstand anything for easy identification of a person. The tattoo should be firm with a tattoo seal from the government. As Nataraj said, we should not think ourselves and compare with the prisoners. Yes. We are prisoners in our own land.

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    The author must understand that our Aadhaar card is duly bar coded and that number is very much required to be produced in person and if at all one lost the card , the duplicate can be obtained without any huff. What I suggest that make the Aadhaar card like our ATM card and keep it handly in the purse always. Take copies of the same and keep with the children too for their verification in the school and by some authorities. Now onward we have to keep the Aadhaar with us for all purpose and there is cannot be exception.
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    This is a funny suggestion, no doubt. But there is a point in it. The authorities are linking the Aadhar with almost everything. So in future even our body will be linked to that. So that if an accident happens, it will be easy to identify the victim !

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    It will not become necessary. We will not forget aadhaar number seeing the infinity number of places it is being used. We generally do not remember exactly what is our own mobile number, because we do not get occasion to use our own number. But we will remember our birthday,because it has to be used a umpteen places.Similarly Aadhaar card will be used anywhere and everywhere for at least some years to come. So it will become by-heart. We may shout it even in our dreams. Slowly we get reduced to mere numbers with or without a couple of alphabets.

    What I am afraid is whether the lines in the fingers will become faded by over use and then the genuine will be put to trouble.
    In the advanced stage a chip may be embedded surgically into us. That will solve all the problem till then, probably putting forth a new problem.
    Moreover if aadhaar number is tattooed then in buses the conductor will call by our aadhaar number and ask us to go ahead,give way,ask if ticket is taken etc by addressing our aadhaar number looking at the tattoo. In traffic other driver s will shout our aadhaar number. In short we will be known only by our aadhaar number only.

    Only to see is if Yahoo ,Google etc take aadhaar our unique id for everything.

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    This thread seems more sarcastic and funny, but if you are serious I don't think it is any kind of solution instead it will make citizens feel like prisoners and slaves.
    If tattooed, it will be a compulsion for everyone and not everybody wants his or her body to be tattooed in any way.
    So it will be morally wrong to force someone to be tattooed like a criminal.

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    Dear members,
    How to convince your misunderstanding. Don't we have our finger prints and moles and scarves as an identification mark to identify an individual. Similarly, the tattoo will work as a permanent identification mark with the aadhaar number and name. No one can lie or cheat. Just give a second thought to your responses.

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    Mr. Sun, I am convinced of your argument. Hope your plea to understand your idea will be accepted by all the members. When the God himself is sending us into this world with moles, fingerprints, iris identification and all other identifiable markings, why not Government insist on tattooing. Let us hope the Government will not start with you and me.
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    I have seen people working in large organisations, especially in the IT field, with an identity card in a rope hanging around their neck. Does it look good? Is it not like the slaves holding their number plate on their neck. My tattoo is a decent mark in the hands, and can be hidden by wearing a full hand shirt.
    Also, the Tattoo need not be big in size. It can be of 0.5 cm height and 2 mm thick. It can be hidden with a wrist band to look beautiful.

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