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    Santa's cap brought happiness to his life.

    [This story wins the joint second prize for the Christmas creative story writing contest.]

    Rohan was a small boy living on the footpath with his poor family. His father and mother was beggar by profession and he was also bound to beg to survive. Rohan never liked begging and always had a fight with his parents for that.
    One day, he woke up very early in the morning and decided to leave his home.
    He tried to get some job but nobody heard him as he was young to work.
    After trying for hours, he sat down on the pavement and suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He was an Old man standing behind him. He offered him some food and asked him to come to his shop once he finishes it.
    The old man was the owner of a small shop with decorative items. Being Christmas coming in 3 days, his shop was full of Christmas related items like Santa's caps, masks, artificial X-Mas tree, etc.
    He asked Rohan if he is ready to sell these products near the railway-station and Rohan immediately agreed. He gave him few items for trial purpose. Rohan was happy and reached railway station to start his work. Initially, he was hesitating but after observing some boys like him selling other things, he also started shouting- "Santa's Cap, bring happiness" and he finished all his stock soon. He went back to the shop owner and asked for more. The old man asked him to take rest but Rohan denied and went back with his second lot of stocks. Now he was very much confident and was doing hard work to earn more as the shopkeeper has promised him to pay on commission based on per item he sells.
    After doing 4-5 rounds, he earned 100 rupees on his first day and the old man gave him 20 rupees and a Santa's cap as a bonus. Rohan was happy with his job and went back to the station to spend his night.
    He was sitting silently at the end of the platform and was observing the trains coming, going and gradually disappearing from his vision. He noticed that one of railway track was not properly screwed. He was aware that if the tracks are not properly fixed, the possibility of an accident is higher, so became worried and ran towards it. There he searched for some help but being late in the evening, he did not get any help. Suddenly a train came and Rohan started shouting for help but nobody came. Immediately a thought came into his mind and as the train came closer he waved that Santa's cap that Old Man gifted him. The motorman noticed it stopped the train getting the red signal of red color. He got down and approached Rohan and he showed that unscrewed track. The motorman was happy with his alertness.
    After this incident, government honored him with an award and offered him a free education.
    The Santa's Cap brought happiness to his life.

    Entry for Santa's Cap - Christmas creative story writing contest
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    A nice story. It is a coincidence the cap presented by the shop owner to the boy was useful for the boy to stop the train. The luck favoured him. It may be the help to the boy from the divine. Good write up and the author presented the story very nicely.
    always confident

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    Excellent use of Santa's Cap in the story. The author has portrayed the common feelings of very poor children who are not happy to stay the same and they move out looking for better opportunities. Rohan's enthusiasm to earn in a dignified way and his presence of mind is brought out well. As, I started reading, I assumed, the cap bought happiness to Santa. Maybe the title could have been a little different, Santa's Cap brought happiness to Rohan's Life.

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