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    Spare a thought for the homeless this winter.

    We are all talking about Christmas, new year, how to celebrate, how to make plans, resolutions. Last night after dinner I could hear some strange noise in the balcony, so switched on the light to see a smallish pigeon tucked neatly between the flowerpots. Surprisingly this bird did not make an attempt to escape. Morning, we kept few bits of groundnuts and some water and was amazed to see the bird finish and fly off.

    This made me think about the birds and animals that have to endure the very cold nights and chilly mornings. The homeless adults and children sleeping on the footpaths, poor elderly people with just gunny bags on their shoulders huddled around all would have a tough time this winter season. Wish we could do something. May the government can open shelters for homeless like they do in the west and every Christmas(and thanksgiving day) many politicians and bureaucrat makes it a point to visit these shelters to serve food to the homeless.
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    A nice thought. Many times when going for a walk in the early morning I find many people sleeping on the corner of the street or on the footpath. I used to feel the very bad about the situation. We are going for a walk with a coat and cap to be away from the chill in the morning. But these people without having a bedsheet to cover their body and almost with a small half pant on the body sleep whole night in the open air. Really it is a very sorry state of affairs. The author has come out with a good suggestion of having shelters like in other countries. But in India, once these shelters are made people occupy those permanently and make them their home and never allow others to come in. It can become his house and again they will be forced by law enforcing agency or so. The maintenance of the shelters will be a problem. If we say it is common for all. Nobody will take care of the cleanliness of the location. Again government has to take care of its maintenance also. Ultimately those sheds will become a place for all unwanted activities.
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