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    How the Aadhar linking policy is exploited by the Airtel Company.

    The Government of India mandated that the Aadhar Card must be linked to the mobile phones. The public promptly followed the Government instructions. The Airtel Company which was given permission by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI) for eKYC (Electronic verification of Know Your Customer) misused the Aadhar Card data of its customers by opening bank accounts in Airtel Payment Bank without the consent of the customers. Airtel routed LPG subsidy amount of nearly 31 lakh customers amounting to Rs 190/ crores to their bank by using some loopholes. The customers in whose name the accounts were opened are not getting the LPG subsidy into their bank accounts but to the accounts opened by the Airtel without customers consent. The responsibility does not lie with Airtel alone. The problem arose with the GOI which pushed the Direct Benefit Transfer and asked the people to link their Aadhar Card number with their mobile phones. The National Payment Corporation of India which is responsible for handling the subsidy payments. Finally, the UIDAI which allowed the eKYC facility. Members verify whether you are getting your LPG subsidy into your bank account or not. How much more we may have to face such frauds in future?
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    I am not eligible for the gas subsidy. So I am not having this problem. The second point is I don't have any airtel SIM in my name. So I have not given this information to Airtel. If it really happens AIrtel is definite to lose its customer base and some other service provider will get benefitted. So is is it a rumour that has been created by the competitor. These facts are to be checked.
    But it is basically the question of trust. How these funds got deposited in AIrtel Valets without the consent of the customer. All customers can sue the company in court for this act. Such a violation how come no newspaper has given. Today morning also I have gone through the paper. I don't know whether I missed it. Anyhow the authenticity of the news is also to be verified before we decide on the next course of action.

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    I dont think that National Payment Corporation can route subsidy money through private Payment Banks.
    It is high time to withdraw all the subsidies.

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    Good that you brought out this matter. This is how we can say that misusing the AADHAR number. It rightly happens with one of my colleague when he came to me with this problem. The amount from gas company transferred to his bank but instead of going into regular bank account, it went directly to Airtel Bank account which he never opened. I had asked him to complaint it to Gas agency/bank as where the money went? We found out that it is lying in Airtel Bank account. We questioned them in written as how can they simply create a Bank account without the knowledge of a person. After hush-and -rush finally they had agreed to transfer the money into regular bank account.

    It is directly a misuse of AADHAR number and for that UIDAI has taken immediate action and suspended the Airtel bank account and asked them to refund the amount to people's regular bank account.

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    Mr. Rao, what makes you feel it is a rumor? It is all over the internet. Google it and you will find it. This is an information for those who are using airtel sim. The UIDAI has already put a ban on the Airtel using eKYC. My sister indicated the Bank of Baroda as her preference for LPG subsidy to the oil company. When she was not getting her subsidy into her account, she made inquiries and found that her LPG subsidy is being paid into her Andhra Bank account. Now it is being paid into her Vijaya Bank account without her consent. These things are happening and the affected persons have to go on inquiring.
    When you are not eligible for LPG subsidy and do not have Airtel sim, there is no need for you to decide on the next course of action.

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    It happened that National Payment Corporation of India failed to check the inflow of money into Airtel Payment Bank. One must be careful of what is happening to his money parked outside.

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    This problem seems to be their from September 2017 itself, I'm not sure why we were not aware of it. Thanks to the author for posting this. The UDIA has temporarily banned Airtel from conducting Aadhaar based SIM verification. The guidelines around the Direct Benefit transfer is also being tightened. The government was paying the subsidy, but the customers with the Airtel service found that money was not coming into their linked bank account but went to Airtel bank account. This would be a big blow to Aadhaar linking and mobile based banking as the service provider would have all the details of ours.
    We recently had a thread on the philanthropic gesture of the family running Barati Airtel
    Charity of Suneet Mittal.

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    On 16-12-2017, the UIDAI temporarily suspended the eKYC license of Airtel Payment Bank for opening bank accounts without the consent of customers permission.
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    If the information is genuine and to be believed, then the government must take immediate action against Airtel as the gas subsidy is the benefit given to consumers to which Airtel does not have right to withhold and use for their own business purpose. By the way Airtel is not that poor company to thrive on our meagre earnings and make their fortune over it. If the information is correct the other operators must bring pressure on government to cancel the cell phone broad width and close the company. And what is more daring that Airtel customers are not aware of this great fraud.
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    The Government had to act quickly because it was done by Airtel without permission or consent of its customers. What is worrying for me is that Airtel used a loophole in the direct benefit transfer. Now how do we even be aware of another loophole in every document we sign or every card we link? I have set up a few direct bank transfer via a single gateway every month, now I have to closely check the account balance, money to be deducted and actual money that has been taken from my account.

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    @ Mohan: There will be doubting Thomases even if the facts are placed. It is better to be on the safe side by verifying our financial transactions. If you believe, try to be on the safe side or leave it to firms like Airtel to exploit.
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    I do not know why, from the very beginning the Aadhaar implementation did not convince me at all. If I had taken aadhaar or linked it with certain services and utilities, it was only because of helplessness to due to government's ultimatum and threat.
    However,having come to this stage it is not prudent to ask for a roll back.
    But why it is not compulsorily linked to the main few factors that can contribute to black money and corruption, fake identity and many other things that can even cause damage to the nation's security too? Compared to those important factors, the lapse or losses caused by not linking g aadhaar to many other things which are now strictly compelled are way less and minuscule.

    The Airtel incident is just one example of how things can be easily abused and misused by vested interests- whether they are business or political and inimical. God knows what all are in store! It is like everything hanging on a single hanger. A small crack and everything can collapse bringing chaos.

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