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    Neem A village dispensary.

    We see many neem trees on the roadsides. During my school days, whenever I see a neem tree, I used to think what is the use of this tree. When I see the subject of the neem tree, I got astonished. All the parts of the tree are having very good medicinal values. From neem tree parts almost about 140 compounds were isolated and every compound is having its medicinal uses.
    Many compounds isolated from Neem are found to be anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-histamine, antifungal, antibacterial, antiulcer, antitubercular, and insect repeller. Almost all the compounds extracted are used in medical formulations and some compounds are very good insecticides and pesticides. Members can add their knowledge about this tree.
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    Many elderly people knows the high value of neem. The total parts of neem is highly useful to human in many ways. I used to much a few tender neam leaves daily morning after coffee and made practiced to my brother's daughter also from her childhood. In those days my mother grind the tender neem leaves with asafotida, ajwain and salt and gave to all of us (from our five years) in the early morning twice a month and we were all free from insects in our stomach and free from stomach disorders. The strips of neem tree stem are highly useful for skin disorders. In many villages every house has the neem tree in the entrance side and people were sitting under the tree with a rope cot and this was their reception hall.

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    I remember, the early days when we visited our villages, our grandparents used have no toothbrushes. We also would be given neem sticks(pallu kuchi), the tip would be chewed and the used to clean the teeth, the stick would be disposed of at any corner of the street or the yard. An eco-friendly method.We have also had ground neem leaves applied for boils and skin wounds. We still get neem oil in small bottles that is used to clean kitchen surfaces along with lemon grass oil. I've also seen children being made to sleep on neem leaves or applying neem paste when they get chickenpox. I didn't know about the other properties, thanks to the author for posting the useful information.

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    Do you know if you just sit beneath a Neem tree, you get distilled breeze without any pollution and thus getting a nice nap is guaranteed. Apart from that Neem tree leaves when dried can be used as the Mosquito and pest repellent and Neem sticks are used as the tooth brush by our elders. During chicken pox, Neem leaves provide soothing effect on those children who complain of itching sensation. And if any women spots the Neem and Peepal tree considered to be auspicious and on every Tuesday and Fridays pooja's are offered. It is said that peepal tree is the male and Neem tree is the female.
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    Neem is the medicinal plant that is held in the hands of Goddess Mariamman. Neem does miracles in our life by curing most of the diseases. Every part of the neem tree is valuable, from a small neem stick to the trunk of the tree . A small neem stick is the best tooth paste cum brush. A house which has a neem tree will be free from diseases. Eating few tender neem leaves in the morning will keep us free from diabetics. The use of neem is innumerable.
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    I Would like to add the gum that is formed by a reaction on certain elements in the tree is also very useful .This gum is edible. The tender flowers are used in some dishes in Bengal and are auspicious too. The nimboli or the fruit of the neem tree is also consumed by some people, especially in the villages.
    All the parts of the neem tree are beneficial. It can be grown in a small area of the house, and it lives for many years.

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    The first I had handled Neem leaves was in a home function when small children had to go around a pounding stone beating the bunch of Neem leaves on it. It was some ritual function for a new born. The next was actually a bitter experience literally. In the Malaylam month of 'Karkidakam' my grandmother used to give me small balls made by crushing to paste tender neem leaves and asked to swallow early morning in empty stomach with a little buttermilk.

    It was later when I saw Neem trees lines along highways and rail tracks that I enquired and knew about their importance. In Ayurveda Neem(either as leaves, stem ,roots, flowers or seeds)is a key ingredient in many medicines. It is used in topical medicines as well as internal use concoctions also.

    The cool shade of a neem tree was an ideal bus stop shelters in early days.

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    Great post on the importance of neem trees. As far as I know, it is very good for skin also. The second thing is it largely helps to purify our blood. We have one tonic called "Safi", that is prepared from neem leaves and it helps to purify our blood.
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    .There are many medicinal uses of Neem tree its leaves and every part related to it. And apart from its use in skin care, I got to know about one more use of it which I wasn't aware of.
    Recently I got to know that one of use is neem leaves were kept inside the family storehouse of food and grains for example in earlier times people used to kept neem leaves inside the big boxes of grains like wheat so that it could be protected from insects and rotting.

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