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    Best camera smartphones for 2018 - how good is yours?

    I am keen on buying a smartphone for the new year with my ISC saved earnings but don't seem to be able to find a suitable one based on Net reviews. If all else fails, ask ISCians! So would appreciate some detailed feedback from you all.

    The smartphone should be within 8k maximum which has a truly good camera for shooting both indoors and outdoors since I take photographs very often for my blogs. Hence, I would like to know from members of their own personal experience with their smartphones and, if they have used multiple ones in the past or are doing so currently, which is really good for snapping pictures.

    I am not interested in the other tech specs as such & that is why am not asking this as an Ask Expert type of query. As long as the phone works well and does not hang, that's all that matters. You can attach an image taken with your phone if you feel its camera is really good.

    Based on your feedback, I will then check it out online & at nearby stores.
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    The more RAM you have in your phone, the better it is. If your RAM capacity is less, your phone might get hang after few month. Recently the HONOR mobile is in news. One of my colleague has bought it and it is really a wonderful phone. However, it is still new and we can't predict for future as how this phone will behave. But I would like to say that in 8k budget, you may get 3GB RAM capacity and 16 GB storage capacity that too internal. The more space you have in your mobile, it run better. So, look for the phone which has more RAM capacity and more internal storage capacity.

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    My son was using this phone for which the details were given.
    In focus turbo 5 Plus(Midnight Black, Dual Rare Camera).
    13 MP and % MP primary dual caners with autofocus with Digital Zoom, HD Video recording, bokeh effect and 5 MP front-facing camera. 3 GB Ram and 32 GB internal storage capacity.
    The original cost is around Rs.9000/-. But for online sales, it is costing about Rs.7999/- with free delivery at home depending on the place of residence.
    My son purchased very recently and using it. He says he is happy.
    You can look into the details and further you can see the details on the internet also.

    always confident

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    Good camera phones aren't easily available in such budget. A friend of mine recently bought redmi 4a. I found the camera very good.
    13 mega pixel rear and 5 front.
    It comes with a 2GB RAM so it works faster than it's low budget Android competitors.
    The OS is a little different from our typical Android mobiles but is very great. It comes with a 16 GB internal storage but I dont think it has an extendable memory.

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    Redmi Smartphones are the best budget phones available in the market. They provide highest specifications than for the same value when compared to other companies and also more cost-effective. Right now one of the popular Redmi 4 Note is available for Rs.11499 on Amazon online. Its special features are 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM. Camera rear 13 megapixel and front 5 megapixels with all latest tech specifications. Similarly Redmi 4 with 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM Camera rare 13 Megapixel and front 5 Megapixel) is Rs. 9,999 0nly. If you have to get these specifications it may cost more than Rs.20,000 in Samsung company. My son is using Redmi Note4 model and is finding good. I am using Redmi 3S Prime which is 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM, Camera Rear 13 MegaPixel and front 5Mega Pixel and cost Rs.8,999.and this model is also I am finding good. Aditya mentioned above specification phone is Rs.6,999. Some of the pictures taken from my Redmi phone I have submitted in Indiastudychannel. You can view these sample pictures from below link:-

    1. Link1
    2. Link2

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    It would be difficult for a good andriod smart phone for the range of 8K. You need at least 10-12K for a good camera phone. Right now Redmi is the better choice for an economical model with good features. If you prefer a Samsung, then you can consider what I do, I wait for the new year launches to come by and then the price of the older models goes down and you get good offers. Right now, I'am considering the Samsung galaxy J7 as the previous Samsung mobile (Galaxy A3) is still doing very well with good picture quality.

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    Unedited image taken in August 2017 from Samsung A3 (2016 model) bought in Jan 2017

    Delete Attachment

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    In a recent newspaper article I read that the smartphones in our country are now increasingly become more RAM, more storage. As more and more apps are being used and new operating systems developed, more RAM is needed. The average RAM is going to be 8GB in very short time. As users need high resolution cameras and they use it, more good pics and video are taken and this needs more storage. They say in this our country is overtaking many other countries and the average is trending to be 64 GB. The screen size they have observed as 5 inches as the most selected.

    So that shows the trend. More RAM, More internal and external storage, More high resolution camera and screen size to be around 5 inches. Definitely such phones are costing more.

    As you are budget specific, I may suggest as below.

    If you are using laptop/desktop for your blogs, and using phone just for basic things like call, sms, whatsapp etc, then I will suggest you buy a digital camera separate and buy a low budget smartphone for amount quite lesser than you have in.
    With the residual amount and a couple of thousand rues more, you can then go for a digital camera which can give you reasonable quality pictures.

    Or else you have to add one or two thousands more and get a phone with optimum specifications compromising in one or two parameters depending on your priority need.

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    Instead of my suggesting a phone for you, it is better to go to a all brand mobile shop verify yourself and get satisfied with the quality you are asking for. For example we have a place in Hyderabad called Jagdish Market in Abids area which has over 2000 mobile shops having varied brands including the imported ones. All the shops were reputed and they are in the business since many years. So those who are confused with what brand to be purchased, I always advise them to go to Jagdish Market. One thing is sure from 599 rupees to 50,000 rupees phones are available with due testing and guarantee.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Jeets - thanks for that tip on RAM; it had not occurred to me.

    Dr. Rao - the Infocus Turbo does not have good reviews.

    Aditya, Ramakrishna Kambhampati & Natarajan - Yes, I have thought of the Redmi brand & have seen good reviews for the Redmi 4, some people even saying it is the best in the Xiaomi range. I do think it is a good idea to wait for the launch of new models & hope the price of the old models come down. That would be great!

    Venkiteswaran - my sister advised me the exact same thing which you did, to buy a good digital camera and a budget smartphone. However, I am in two minds for it as it would mean carrying two gadgets everywhere I go since I have an enthusiasm to just click something even on my way to work or commuting to somewhere.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Month ago I have bought Oppo F3 which is a camera phone and experiencing good results in terms of pics. Even other features are also good.

    This mobile is with 4 GB RAM and internal memory is 64 GB which is more than sufficient. This phone comes with dual front camera and truly selfie expert.

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    My suggestion:
    You can welcome 2018 with good quality smartphones from various Samsung models.My experience saying,all models are good.
    (I am not a Samsung salesperson!)
    So,wishing you happy smartphone shopping and a very Happy 2018 with exciting and memorable phone clicks!

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