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    Why do the Indian scientists visit Baba's?

    We have a very few famous Indian Scientists in India one all know about is Abdul Kalam is a Scientist and former president.Kalam often visited Satya Sai Baba and took baba's blessing why often ISRO scientists often visit Baba's and Temples.Do they believe babas and God's?What kind of signals OR messages are they giving to the society?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    All scientists are also human beings only. A doctor will also get fever sometimes. As far as I am concerned going to a temple is to make our mind pleasant and increase our energy and increase our concentration via meditation. Praying God is nothing but a meditation only. Meditation is very good for focus and concentration. So all these scientists and other learned people will go to such people to get their attention diverted for some time so that their mind will get refreshed and start thinking differently after coming out from there. Another point is belief. Scientists also may believe the existence of a supernatural power which is controlling the entire universe and they see that power in the God. In many families, there is a practice of offering respects to elders before they start any new work. Many of the people believe God is the eldest to all of us and hence they go to their places to offer prayers and take their blessings.
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    This is the tradition of India, even the most sophisticated vehicle in India is take to a temple or a Pooja is offered before it is taken for a ride. Even the best hospitals often have a Auydha Pooja wherein a high ranking officer and the entire staff including doctors and surgeons pray before starting their work.Here also a senior priest would come from whom the staff would take blessings. There are numerous examples of CMs and PMs meeting Mutt heads or swamijis before starting their tenure or before a major election. These customs are almost ingrained into us, so even scientists are not exempted. They also have to believe in the higher power of the Almighty and have their favorite priests or swamis through whom they offer their prayers and seek the blessings. After all, when they are in charge of multi crore projects they have to ensure that all goes way and a little faith in a holy person or religious leader should be acceptable. The only downside is if the holy man or swami is not true to what he or she should stand for.

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    Good question posed by the author. Though they are scientists by virtue of dedicated higher studies, basically they are human being too like you and me. For example when ever rocket is launched from Sriharikota, the miniature version would be taken to the Tirumala temple to seek the divine blessing for the successful launch of the vehicle. Likewise Sri Satya Saibaba was also a God incarnation as many believe him and even today there are many facilities being offered for free to every devotee. So there is nothing wrong scientists visiting religious people and temple for divine intervention.
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    Science does not provide you with all the answers so sometimes very great minds like intellectuals and scientists also seek for a spiritual shelter and which is not a bad thing.
    Spirituality often helps a person to be more creative ideas and try new innovation. Even great scientists like Heisenberg read GEETA while he was working on the project to make the nuclear bomb and even quoted GEETA in many of his lectures. Spirituality helps scientists to remain sane when they get mad about achieving something great and keep their desires in check.
    So I don't think it is bad in any way to seek that spirituality from a baba or guru and consider them as a spiritual mentor but considering these BABA's comparable to god is a wrong thing. BABA used to be a word for guru and spiritual mentor but after cases like Asha ram babu and Ram Rahim this term is slowly getting derogatory and losing its spiritual value.

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    Science never defied religion. It only helped us to understand things that religion takes for granted. Science derives inspiration from myths.
    Flying, space travel, submarines, satellites, etc were myths a few years ago. Science is an ally.

    But honestly, when you said scientists visit Baba, I thought about Baba Atomic research.
    I personally don't believe in Babas. But belief is something personal. Maybe Abdul Kalam was a Baba devotee.
    Science is a study of unknown . Religion is the study of unseen.
    There isn't much difference in both.

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    Scientists too human beings belonging to a religion and caste. They have faith in their religion apart from their research work on science. There are Holy Baba's and also Alibabas. Scientists believe and trust the real baba like Satyasai baba, not Nityanand like fake Baba's.
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